100 Life Goals


My friend Justin Popovic (Success) told me about an activity that he had heard helps people visualize their goals.  It was as simple as writing down 100 life goals you would like to accomplish.  There is no rules, you just have to write down 100 things you want to do.  The thought is, that by writing down your list – you are already well ahead of the majority of people who never write down their goals.  It adds a bit of accountability as well as helps you to actually realize what it is you want to accomplish.

Easy right?

Not so fast – I think everyone who reads this should try this challenge.  It is kind of amazing to realize just how hard it is for us to state clearly what we want.  I personally had to stop and come back to creating this list a couple times – it is much harder than anticipated.

So without further ado…

  1. Benchpress 250 pounds
  2. Squat 500 pounds
  3. Deadlift 500 pounds
  4. Own a blue doberman
  5. Buy a cottage in Rocky Harbor, Newfoundland
  6. Buy a hybrid car
  7. Buy a large house – lots of natural stone and wood
  8. Write a book
  9. Get Leafs season tickets
  10. Get Raptors season tickets
  11. Go to a New Orleans Saints home game
  12. Spend 3 weeks in the Caribbean
  13. Own a condo downtown Toronto
  14. Own a fishing boat
  15. Buy my family things they love
  16. Visit NY
  17. Visit Chicago
  18. Visit Vegas (AND NEVER LEAVE!)
  19. Have a cottage on a body of water in Northern ONT
  20. Catch a Muskie
  21. Enter a real Poker Tournament
  22. See a live UFC event
  23. Meet Jay-Z
  24. Have a top of the line computer
  25. Indoor Pool
  26. Have a Great Party Room to entertain
  27. Have a kick ass kitchen
  28. Earn a million dollars
  29. Reach my perfect weight
  30. Compete in a marathon
  31. Donate $100,000 to help find cure for Psoriasis
  32. Make sure my niece can afford College
  33. Have my own organic garden
  34. Clean up my diet
  35. Visit Amsterdam
  36. Visit London, England
  37. Visit Italy
  38. Visit Greece
  39. Donate $50 000 to Serve Canada (youth organization)
  40. Run a dog sanctuary
  41. Play with a bear
  42. Play with a lion
  43. Interview GSP
  44. Travel all over Canada
  45. Learn Muay Thai
  46. Learn BJJ
  47. Have a training session with Greg Jackson (MMA trainer)
  48. Create a hilarious viral video
  49. Go Tubing down ski hill (have never done this!)
  50. Live in San Diego
  51. Visit San Diego zoo
  52. Learn Jamaican cooking in Jamaica
  53. Learn how to BBQ Down South USA
  54. Retire
  55. Have the ultimate Audio/Video set up
  56. Buy a log home for Mother
  57. Buy my brothers cars
  58. Help my brother start his own woodworking company
  59. Pay for any friends who want to go to school or start own business
  60. Punch Perez Hilton in His Stupid Face
  61. Raise a chihuahua and Great dane as best friends
  62. Own a duck
  63. Donate large sum to Humane Society
  64. Advocate for stiffer animal abuse punishment
  65. Develop my own hot sauce
  66. Try ”The Source” 7 Million Scoville hot sauce directly from bottle
  67. Get on the leader board for eating the most Armageddon Wings at Duff’s
  68. See Outkast in concert
  69. Anonymously send $10 000 to random people who helped me along way
  70. Have my blog crack Alexa rank of 100 000
  71. Learn the entire CS4 suite
  72. Make $100k as I sleep
  73. Compete in a real MMA fight
  74. Go on a road trip in the USA
  75. Eat an entire Bhut Jolokia pepper…and live to tell the story
  76. Add a new blog post everyday for 3 months
  77. Visit Iceland
  78. Buy my Mom a convertible
  79. Donate a large sum of money to Mount Sinai ICU
  80. Climb Gros Morne Mountain
  81. Cure my fear of heights  (maybe do this one before 80)
  82. Cure my fear of certain bugs (except earwigs – thats impossible)
  83. Own some Pioneer CDJ’s
  84. Buy a pool table
  85. Own my own sports bar
  86. Own part of a local low level sports team
  87. Get elected to town council of where I live
  88. Have a maid
  89. Have a gardener
  90. Have an amazing deck
  91. Mentor troubled youth
  92. Buy the greatest coffee maker of all time
  93. Own a race horse
  94. Create a rap review site
  95. Get fiber optic internet
  96. Get a PVR finally
  97. Stop being so cynical
  98. Read a classic piece of literature each week for an entire year – blog about each book
  99. Win a writers award
  100. Get 100+ Diggs on a blog post

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