2 Consecutive Days of Blog Posting…RECORD.

I think one of my main hurdles with the blog will be thinking of new things to talk about each update. How many times can I come up with an interesting take on how weak my shoulders are, or how I have the hamstring strength of The Incredible Hulk. Seriously, I do. I could totally do the whole rack on the seated hamstring curl…I just want to be able to walk for the rest of the week.

My last post I talked about some of my “gym” apprehension. There was a laundry list of reasons my mind came up with to keep me out of there. The number one fear being embarrassment. My very FIRST day at the gym, I was kind of embarrassed. I walk to the gym to get my cardio in and get my heart rate up before I work out. I have to walk across a park and then my gym is in this plaza. It is literally surrounded by 2 pizza shops. One shop on the left and one on the right. Now this isn’t a story of me beating off temptation because quite frankly, no pizza in this little town tempts me. (A quick shout out to Justa Pizza in Toronto – it is on Parliament Street – check it out). Anyways, as I am heading to the gym, there is a gentleman in front of me. Being a gentleman, when he reaches the Pizza place, he holds the door open for…me. I just kind of walked by into the gym. To be honest – I found it hilarious. I guess some people might be a little miffed by that, but I found it damn funny. I could just imagine the guy telling the story to his friends. He probably felt worse than I did, but I totally see where he is coming from. Obviously the big gym bag I had with me, was for the copious amount of Pizza I was about to order, not the actual gym.

It is funny, as a fat man (soon to be formerly) I have heard a lot of jokes. I have also made a lot of jokes. I don’t even really take offense to them – unless they are stupid and lame. Like if some guy calls me “fatso”, which pisses me off, because any tool can notice I am fat. If you want to drop some fat jokes – drop something hilarious. Like if you see me checking out a lawn chair with that classic big guy mistrust – shout out “Hey can someone find this guy a crate.” THAT is funny, and clever. Even I can laugh at that.

Today at the gym I get to work on shoulders. Yay. Like I said earlier my shoulders are WEAK. My whole upper body is weak really, won’t be for long, but as of now it kind of is. I am very T-Rex like in some ways.

I have to warn everyone reading, I will sometimes HAVE to talk about sports. I won’t do it often, but sometimes I have to. Today: a Raptors rant. So I have heard two recent trade rumours involving TJ Ford. Scenario #1: The Raps package TJ Ford and their 1st round draft pick for Boris Diaw. Yeah that isn’t a typo. How is this even a rumour? Why would the leagues softest team (The Raps) want one of the leagues softest players? A player who disappeared during the playoffs, even though he had Shaq and Nash to take off a boat load of pressure. I am guessing Colangelo doesn’t make that deal. I also heard a rumour of TJ Ford/1st rounder and Nesterovic for Jermaine O’Neal. Ummm PASS. Nesterovic played great for the Raps down the stretch. Jermaine O’Neal is broken. His stats and games played drop each year. Plus he is way too expensive. That rumour is worse than the Diaw one. I guess I will trust Colangelo for now…this should be an interesting off season.

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