Well that had to be my longest hiatus ever. I am glad i got off to a good start in December (blog wise) because I knew the end would be a train wreck. The end of December was a blur of friends, family and revelling.

I will admit I did some major slacking too. I slacked big time on my blog and hitting the gym. Of course, being the holidays I was busy elsewhere and there were a lot of distractions, but I think I also used the time as a refresher.
I will be honest though, sitting around last night I had a bit of dread thinking about returning to the “real world”.

I shook it off though – I am actually pretty jacked about getting back to the gym – it has been awhile though, so am going to assume that the “jacked” feeling I feel now will eventually be replaced by…pain.

So now that is officially 2009, it is funny to kind of reminisce about what you thought the future held. I am not talking about personal goals and achievements but the future in general.

It was 1991 when I was in grade 8. Even then, the idea of the year 200 seemed so futuristic and far away. It is now almost a decade into the new century and I don’t think my idea of the future in 1991 was very accurate. No Back to the Future style hoverboards to be found anywhere.

I guess this century’s biggest difference is the explosion of the internet. I don’t even know how the heck I did any homework before the internet. I remember doing reports in elementary school using World War 2 era encyclopaedias. Now any information you need is at the click of a button.

It is fast too – remember dial up? I know some people in rural areas still have dial up. I can’t even imagine surfing the net in dial up. I know I used too, but I guess my mind blocked that dark period of my life out, because I don’t remember much about it. All I remember is that it took like 20 minutes to DL one song.

Anyways, enough reminiscing about the dark ages, it is now 2009. In my opinion 2008 was better than 2007. If the trend continues, 2009 should be off the hook. Is “off the hook” still ok to use in 2009?

  • Anonymous

    Off the hook is bunk

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't use "Off the hook".

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