2010 Goals

I am not really a New Years resolution kind of guy – or more appropriately I am not a guy who really sticks to them.  I think I vowed to Bench Press 225 last New Years – I only made it to 200…then slacked off at the end of year.

I was checking out my buddy Brad Gosse’s website – great blog by the way – check it out regularly for great info on business and the internet.  Anyways that link goes directly to one of his posts and it is a video of him making some 2010 goals and asking people for theirs.  He doesn’t want New years Resolutions he wants to know if people have any concrete goals.  So no “try to lose” weight or “try to quit” smoking type goals here.  I have 3 major goals I want to accomplish in 2010.

1.  Speaking Up.  I have a horrible condition in which I will here peopel talking about things like political or social issues, and I will just scurry into “agree mode”.  I’ll just say things like “yeah for sure, ohhhh crazy, yeah man” etc… when I will be thinking – wow I have an entirely different take on that situation.  Now a lot of the times my thoughts might be slightly radical in nature, and I will be in a room full of people who all agree to disgaree with my opinion – but I still need to speak up especially if I feel strongly about something.  Basically it comes down to being comfortable in your own shell.

2. Get My Moms House on the Market – My Mom needs to move and as soon as possible. It doesn’t make sense to live in a house too big for her and miles away from her friends and family.  She is a huge packrat and completely demotivated to do anything it seems – but tha thouse needs to be on the market before the end of 2010.

3. Steady Cash.  I want at the minimum a 4 figure cheque every single month.  Obviously want much bigger ones than that as well – but bare minimum, my worst month i still want a 4 figure cheque coming in.  This way if it is a bad month and I am not doing much, I know I have to bust my balls to get that cheque.

Successfully reaching these three goals would mean a successful year for me.  Nothing too daunting either.  What are your goals?

  • Ted, I totally disagree with these resolutions.... See how easy it is to speak your mind and I barely know you.

    Mine are get organized. Stay Organized. Be disciplined. Finish what you start. Take the time to do it right. Do it once. If not right, start again.

  • Hey Jordan - those sound like good resolutions for everyone!

  • I vowed I would load up Backpacks with bricks and run for 5 miles a day. That lasted for 0 days! So much for resolutions!

  • Dude I had no idea you were such a yes-man :-) I always thought that you agreed with everything I said LOL

    I think you can easily reach your steady cash goal by implementing some simple success habits. Even if you just went into product creation mode and started running your own offers.

    One of my fitness goals for 2010 is to be "ripped". Which involves me doing a P90 X. routine every day and a bike ride for 45 minutes every night. I have never been so sore.

    Happy new year Ted

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