3 Myths About Drake

1. Drake Sings too Much

Huh?  Sings…too…much?  Who put a limit on amount of singing allowed on an album?  Last time I checked some of the best albums of 2011 were – hold on to your hats – ALL singing.  Crazy right?

Drake sings and he raps, and he blends both of those to create his music.  I understand if you bought a Wu Tang album and they were singing all over it, being upset.   But a Drake album?  When has Drake NOT sang?  His entire career was based off of So Far Gone – a mixtape full of singing.

Drake doesn’t “sing too much”.  He sings as much as he ever has.  To expect anything different is ridiculous.  If you think he sings too much what you are really saying is you don’t like his style. Fair enough.

2. Drake is a Phony

Being a child actor didn’t help Drake in this regard.

A lot of people seem to think Drake is really fake.  My questions is – any more than your favorite rapper?  People need to stop worrying about “realness” in the rap world, because most of these guys are “fake”.  Is Drake guilty of exaggerating, maybe acting a little harder than he is?  Sure, but who isn’t in the rap world?

On top of that – Drake is much more honest on his albums than most rappers.  In fact, he is labeled “soft” due to his sometimes brutal honesty.

Listen to Marvin’s Room for example:

Drake is admitting a lot of things in that video that fly right in the face of normal rap braggadocio.

Fear is another great example.  I loved that song because I found it to be a really honest look at the struggle/growth Drake was facing as he began to become a star.  His songs are full of personal moments, involving women, his family (mother and uncle) and of course his friends.  All through Drake’s albums you will find moments of brutal honestly and self awareness.

If anything Drake is too honest in his music, and it has lead to his label as soft.

3. Drake Doesn’t Rep T.O. Enough


Alright, I get it, Drake doesn’t have a “Bacardi Slang” or “T-Dot Anthem”.   That said, he still reps Toronto.  He has many Toronto based references in his songs.  He reps even beyond the GTA with shout outs to Pickering and “Heart Lake Road” even.

He also has:

Yeah, he talks about Memphis and Houston in the first verse but there is no doubt what city he is talking about when the chorus hits:

Yo, the city is mine (which one?)
D-R-A-K-E that’s me
You know how the story goes

His latest single – Headlines – video is actually shot in the Rogers Center – and Drake is of course rocking his Jays fitted.  Not to mention each year Drake brings his OVO festival to the city.

Regardless of all of his Toronto references (there are lots more) the most important thing to be aware of is the fact that Drake is helping to build a new Toronto sound.  Drake didn’t hit it big and then go run off to the US to find all the hot producers, he stayed true to his friends.

While Drake gets more and more popular, his friend and producer – 40 – also gains in popularity.  Together they create a unique sound, that is Toronto’s very own.

To top it off – NO ONE supported The Weeknd more than Drake.  If you haven’t heard of The Weeknd by now you don’t read this blog, or any major music publication really, because everyone has been talking about him.  He is a break out RnB star also from Toronto. He can also be found on Drakes new album, most notably killing the hook on Crew Love.

Drake, 40 and The Weeknd are creating a signature Toronto sound, and even though they have had a lot of success, they are just starting…

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