3 Things That Piss Me Off

Alright I haven’t made a post here in awhile – so I thought I better do it now. I couldn’t think of a good subject though. That is the toughest part about blogging – coming up with content. I know a lot of people say it is simple, just write about life! That is all well and good, but how many blog posts can I churn out that go like this: I woke up, ate some eggs, went to gym, then worked…then went to bed.

Fascinating stuff, I know.

I did finally think about a subject though. I could probably churn out a post like this every day. It is “Three Things That Pissed Me Off”.

Without further ado…

1. My friend has an English bulldog – and bulldogs are adorable. I guess they can kind of look scary, but anyone who has spent anytime with a bulldog knows they are incredibly gentle.

I guess they were walking this bulldog and some lady was near by. The bulldog loving people went to meet the lady and got overly excited – although gentle bulldogs are stupid. In the process of jumping up to meet the lady the bulldog accidentally scratched her.

This lady flipped out and contacted the Humane Society (2 months later) and said the dog had bitten her. Now my friend is expecting a letter in the mail saying that the bulldog must be muzzled in public. That is horrible. There is a stigma over muzzled dogs. Muzzles should be for dogs who are dangerous – not gentle giants with a head of rocks.

Quite frankly I am blown away that the Humane Society even has that kind of power. I would have laughed had I gotten that letter. Of course the lying woman is also completely maddening. So yeah, that pretty much pissed me off.

2. Due to work, I am trying to hit the gym earlier. I like to get there around 7:30am, 8am at the latest. This has worked out OK because the gym is still fairly inactive at these times and I like getting the workout done to kick off my day.

What pisses me off about it? There is this one other guy working out in there who does ridiculous exercises. He gets massive weight (for him) and then only moves his arms/legs a couple inches when he does the exercise. I have heard of half-reps – but these are like literally 1/16th reps.

To each his own though – it doesn’t bother me watching him do it. It bothers me when he gives me advice. He is always telling me I don’t need to curl that far, I don’t need to extend that far blah blah blah. He even sometimes smirks when I am doing a completely normal exercise.

Sorry I don’t trust you, oh magical gym genie, but I have done a lot of research and everything I have read points to the fact that ROM (range of motion) is an important part of weight training.

Almost everyone in the gym I have met has been polite and a great help. I try to be the same, but next time this guy gives me his advice I am head-butting him…alright maybe not but I will politely tell him to shaddup.

3. One blade disposable razors. Why the hell do these instruments of torture exist? Who uses these? Prepubescent boys? These rank right up there with one ply toilet paper as being the worst bathroom accessory.

I accidentally bought a bag of them – and was obviously chagrined when I noticed. But they were for “sensitive” skin so they can’t be that bad right? Oh no they were THAT bad. They pulled hair not cut it, they did manage to cut the skin nicely though. And I have no idea how they were “sensitive” I guess Bic was just like – hey slap sensitive skin on the bag and some idiot blogger will pick them up without noticing they were based on a design from the 15th century.

Honestly if I ever ask for a razor and you hand me a one bladed, please save the time and just toss a plugged in toaster into the shower with me.

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  • Very good I enjoy blogs like this

  • LOL it isn't even him working out wrong that kills me it is the constant unwanted advice. the other day he suggest I drop down to 600 calories a day. Yeah good one.

  • Hahahaah. Great blog Post Tedward. I love the bit about the workout guy. I HATE those dudes who dont workout properly. LMAO

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