Well, I wanted to have my most active month and I am well on my way to my weakest month in terms of blog posts.

I don’t live the most exciting life in the world, so sometimes it is hard to think of topics to write about.

I guess there are some new things in my life; I have renewed my gym membership. I went with a yearlong membership. The bonus is that I can pay monthly; it works out to about forty bucks a month. That isn’t too bad.

It is a pretty big commitment from me, and pretty much cements my status as a small town resident for a year.

Now I can do some serious research and come up with a new routine. I will be very sore by month’s end I think.

I think a new routine will inject some more energy into my workout. Doing the same 2 workouts 5 times a week gets boring. I find myself just going through the motions sometimes. Thinking about how much I hate the next exercise, or how boring I find it. I think changing it up a bit will really get me motivated.

I have also been pretty busy with Ignite Your Essence, some BIG changes in store. I won’t ruin any surprises but if you aren’t a member of the site…you WILL BE. The first step is a complete website overhaul. It is going to look great, keep checking out the site because the new one should go live this week. It will definitely be live by next week, so keep your eyes peeled.
Justin and I have learned A LOT of stuff over this past year. We have been working on Ignite since September. Almost everything we have learned we have done on our own. We had ZERO website knowledge and we didn’t take any courses. We got Adobe Dreamweaver and when we got stuck we got on Google.

I think people will see exactly how much we have learned when the new site goes live.
One thing we have been getting pretty good at is Search Engine Optimization. We haven’t cracked the Davinci Code (aka figured out Google SEO), but we have got Yahoo on lock. We are first page when you search for Personal Development.

I guess the only problem is that isn’t leading to a ton of hits. Oh well, at least now we know some of the things it takes to get a good search engine placement. We will definitely keep working on it until we can climb that Google list. That is where the hits will come from. Google has a strangle hold on search engines. I think something like 78% of all searches are done on Google. That is pretty staggering.

I’d like to take the time to also let people know about Justin’s blog, it will be home to his articles. He has written a number of very helpful articles. I know some people like to fire out articles left and right, just to get their name and site out there, but that is not Justin’s style. He puts out very helpful articles. Articles that have taken a lot of time and expertise to write. Check his blog out.

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