Man way too long of a delay on updating this again. I thought September would be my best month in terms of activity. I was wrong.

It has just been a busy time right now with the upcoming re-launch of the website. We are just beginning to harness the power of photoshop so it is getting pretty exciting. It is pretty amazing to see everything Justin and I are learning completely on our own. Like we might do a Google search and research some stuff, but we are basically learning everything on our own. No one taught us anything about things like Photoshop or Dreamweaver…or website design/hosting at all. It makes for a timely process, but everything we learn speeds up our future endeavours that much more.

I have also jumped right into my new workout routine. Wowzah. It is a bit more taxing that is for sure. I also have amped up my cardio quite a bit. I used to be content with the walk to the gym, but I have now gotten into the habit of getting at least 10 minutes on the exercise bike or elliptical trainer.

I can already feel an increase in my cardio too, I know it has just been a week but I don’t care. All I can do is look at the numbers. On Monday on a ten minute steep climb setting, I got just over a mile. Same settings today and I was at just over 2 ½ miles. I can honestly say that if you told me a couple months ago that I would be cycling for almost 3 miles BEFORE, I lifted weights, I would have laughed at you.

Now I am thinking that in a couple weeks time I will be able to easily hit 5 miles before I work out. I could probably hit 5 miles on a flat program right now, and easily.

So my new routine is great so far, it almost didn’t get off the ground though. The day before I was going to begin it, I went for a “short walk” with my brother’s girlfriend (Linda). We took our dogs to the Mono Cliffs, a really nice park. Anyways, this short trail she told me about was about an hour plus walk. I was wearing running shoes and the terrain on the trail ate those up, my feet were destroyed.

The dogs loved it, my feet did not. I had some of the worst blisters of all time.
It was enjoyable though, the dogs loved it. My Chihuahua (shut up) even dove into the water..which blew my mind. Plus Linda is good company, even though I couldn’t talk that much, was too busy trying to breathe.

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