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I do a lot of ranting and raving on here – but I need to provide some value as well.  Since I am in the internet marketing/design business it is probably a good idea to try and post about that more often.

I have been doing this for almost 3 years now, so I have learned some things – a lot of what NOT to do unfortunately.  One thing I did learn is that starting up I had to find a lot of free alternatives to things I pay for now (i.e. stock photos).  Here is a list of some great free web design resources:

Stock Xchng –  This is one of the more popular free site for stock images.  If you aren’t at the point where you can buy stock photos this is a pretty good alternative.  It certainly isn’t as good as a paid service but you can find a photo of just about anything you want on here.  The photos are usually high res and good quality.  You have to make sure to read the terms of use for each image – most images are very user friendly in that regard though.

Public-Domain-Photos – Another free image gallery.  This one doesn’t have as many photos as the above – but the good part is that all photos are public domain.  You can use them for any purpose even commercial.  Be careful of pictures that have company logos or trademarks on them though.

Vector Portal – Vector images are images that can be scaled to any size without losing their quality.  They a e particularly good for information graphics or line art.  They can also be pretty expensive to buy.  This site has a good collection of free vector images, including banners, backgrounds, grunges and more.

Da Font – A free font site that has a ton of choices.  One thing I have learned is that if you are constantly creating site headers and/or images – you will get bored of the standard fonts.  This site offers you a ton of free choices.  I think every rap mixtape I have made has used a graffiti font from this place 🙂

Brands of the World – Finding logos for companies can sometimes be grueling.  Google image search will sometimes net you a result – but rarely will it be in vector format.  A lot of logos on Google Image search have also been saved as .jpg’s when they should have been saved as .gifs so there is weird quality issues.  This site has a ton of worldwide logos.  They do vary in quality so you have to be picky, but you can find even the most obscure logos.  For example: The AMC Gremlin logo.

The Free Sound Project – Although for the most part I am anti-sound on websites – there are times you might need a certain bleep or bloop.  This is where this site comes in.  The Free Sound project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, … released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License.  If you need a free sound – check here first.

deviantART PS Brushes – What is a better place to find free photoshop brushes than one of the internet’s most vibrant and thriving art communities.  The brushes really run the entire gamut here.  From Jonas Brother lyric brushes (yes Im serious) to fairy dust brushes.

Iconseeker – You need a small icon for a logo or website?  You want it to be in a variety of formats as well as be transparent?  This search engine is the site for you.  You can find an icon on here for just about anything.  A high majority allow commercial use as well.  Lot’s of web2.0 style icons here.

Lorem Ipsum – You have seen those words before.  They usually precede a bunch of random text in things like web templates.  This site automatically generates this latin looking lingo for you.  Why would you want this?  It is great if you want to create web templates.  It is also handy for any website mock up you might be showing to potential clients.  It might not be an essential service – but bookmark it and you may be surprised how often you use it.

Alright that list should be a good start for anyone who is looking for free web design resources.  Now that I have fulfilled my earthly duty of helping people, I can go back to musings about rap music, MMA and things that piss me off..

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