Allergy season…yay.

I am currently bombarded with allergies. I am not sure exactly what I am allergic to, but if it is fluffy, soft or flies through the air…it will make me sneeze.

I have a velour sweater that I cannot even fathom of putting on right now.

I have been suffering from allergies since the end of high school. It mostly hits me at this time of year, and sometimes at the start of summer. Here is the funny thing though.

I used to be an allergy pill popping machine. I would eat those little things DAILY. I mean all summer long, usually a couple a day. I went through brand name after brand name. I would use nothing but reactine for weeks and then when they started losing their effectiveness, i would be on to the Claritin. I went through them all.

Then one summer i said to myself, no more allergy pills. Yeah they help, but they are expensive and are losing their effectiveness on me. I suffered through that summer with no pills, and realized that I was actually not feeling too bad during my normal end of summer hell.
Even more surprising was that the two years following that summer long experiment my allergies were negligible at best! Now that could have been because whatever I was allergic to wasn’t having a good year growing. I do not know. I did think however that I was on to something. I told ALL my friends about that and tried to get everyone to try it. I do not know how many did, but I will have to let them know…it isn’t forever.

This year my allergies have come ROARING back. This is one of my worst bouts in years. It has been mostly localized to sneezing and sniffling, but it has been a lot of sneezing and sniffling. I am still trying to avoid the pills, but if I start getting that itchy feeling on the top of my mouth – it is on like Donkey Kong. I am buying the IDA out of allergy medicine and I will bathe in it if I have to.

I think I can hold out if it stays nose related though. It has been affecting my sleep unfortunately but it isn’t as bad as it could be. I remember in my allergy hey day (no pun) I was actually admitted to the hospital because it was so bad. My sinuses were training into my lungs and I could barely breathe. Good times.

The best part was that it was right after the SARS epidemic, so I had to be isolated. That is a sweet feeling. Oh well, I pulled through, and I will make it through this allergy season as well. I have to cut the grass tonight though – that will be a test.

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