Alpoko Don – Get my Paypa Dog

Not often these days something really new and different comes around in rap.  I think Alpoko Don fits that bill.  He isn’t breaking the mold, he is essentially a southern trap rapper, but he does it unlike anyone before him.  This track features a stripped down beat (paying homage to his Youtube viral vids where he is rapping on the porch)that is the perfect canvas for Alpoko Don’s harmonizing and unique flow.  While there are a couple cringe worthy lines from Don, his personality allows him to get away with it.  He is believable, real and his voice would fit more on a blues track.  Check it out, it isn’t for everyone, but it is currently on repeat for me.

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  • Good rap!

  • Good song. Thanks for upload:)

  • Not very much into rap, but might just give this a shot.

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