Another Election…Another Minority

Well I predicted a low voter turnout.

The voter turnout was the worst in Canadian history – at least for what they have on record.
No real need for the election plus no real leader is my guess as why. The Conservatives did gain something like 15 seats – so it went well for them. I am not sure that spending 300 million dollars of taxpayer money is worth another 16 seats though. I am sure they would argue differently.

What is done is done though; I wonder how soon we will be going to the polls again.
Enough political talk though, with elections here and in the US, we have been bombarded by politics everywhere you look.

I went back to the gym for the first time yesterday since I got sick. It wasn’t the greatest time I have had there. Every time I started breathing heavy I had to cough pretty hard. It wasn’t a fun day. I still have a bit of a cough – it has almost been two weeks now. That probably isn’t good. I am not too worried about it though because it does seem to keep getting better. I am sure that by the week’s end I will be operating at full capacity.

We have been having a pretty nice fall so far. I have said it before, but fall is my favourite season. So far it has been spotless. Yesterday morning at like 10:30 am it was over 20 degrees Celsius outside. It has dropped significantly since then, but last weekend and week was absolutely perfect.

The cold front last night did make me think about winter. I am not a huge fan, but I am also not a huge whiner, so I don’t mind it. I hate when friends and family are driving in bad storms, but hopefully this winter is less tragic than last.

Last winter, a friend of mine lost his Mother due to a weather induced car accident. It was a very sad December that’s for sure. I had lost my father awhile earlier so it was a reminder of that. Although the memories of my father’s passing were very sad, it was much sadder to see the effect that the passing of my friend’s Mother had on her own family.

I am not the best guy in those situations, but I made sure to make myself as available as possible to the family. Although we lost our loved ones in different ways, there was still a sense of camaraderie.

This winter should be much better then. I think the only tragedy I will have to deal with will be the season of the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is going to be a downright ugly season, no doubt about it.

I am actually kind of optimistic because this is the first time I can really remember that the Leafs have blown up their team and decided to rebuild. Yeah, it will be a couple rough years, but if they draft and trade properly, maybe we can see a couple deep playoff runs.

It would be nice to see them face Ottawa in the playoffs again, at least then we can count on a Leaf victory.

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