Artist’s Who Want To Submit Content

Just a heads up,

Recently I have been getting a number of results for people looking to submit music to me for review and/or a mention on the site.

I love that.

I like nothing more than bringing new artists to friends and the public.  You can tell by the peopel I champion on here:  G-Side, Big KRIT, Gibbs and Odd Future.

The major issue, is actually time. I am a part time blogger with a part time job and a full time business. That’s a lot of got-damn parts. So I don’t have a lot of time.  However, I will be looking into figuring out a way how I can set up the site to accept artists making their own page.  It is in the infancy stages, but at least if I post this here I have some kind of accountability.

So please stay tuned. Click on Subscribe to RSS in the header to make sure you are informed when this new system drops.

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