Atmosphere: To All My Friends Review

I am not the biggest Atmosphere fan in the world, but I recognize that Slug has some skills.  I have loved some of Atmopshere’s early work, so I hope this EP can live up to their early highlights.

This is my first listen so I will be focusing more on the general sound and feel of the album.  I won’t be breaking down Slugs lyrics or anything.

1. Until the Nipples Gone: Seems like Slug is going the live instrumentation root this EP.  This song is starting off with some menacing guitars.  I dunno once Atmos starts rapping this sounds too much like Nu Metal…too old fashioned IMO.  A weak Rage Against The Machine impression.  Could grow on me though.

2. The Major Leagues: Again a pretty dark live instrumental.  I think this one works abetter than the last though.  It is pretty catchy.

3. Scalp: Not really feeling this beat too much…it is OK though.  Slug’s flow is meh to me on this.  Sleepy.

4. The Best Day:
Probably the most upbeat song yet.  Although this isn’t a mind blowing beat but at least it isn’t as dark as the previous entries. Although the beat is uplifting, Slug is pretty depressing on this. I think Brother Ali would do better on this than Slug.

5. Americareful:
Pretty funky sounding so far, but then the beat just goes downhill and becomes pretty generic.  I dunno this is not hitting me so far.

6. Hope:
I am usually a fan of live instrumentation but I am not feeling this at all.  The beats just sound cheap regardless of live instruments.  They are plodding and Slug’s flow isn’t helping things.

7. The Loser Wins:
Again the beat is almost great but something holds it back.  An old fashioned feeling to it.  This is one of my favorite tracks so far. Slug is kind a of a depressing dude.

8. Shotgun: At least Slug sounds a bit animated on this one.  Horrific hook, but I can overlook that.  This is a stand out track – I like it.

9. Commodities:
This is quite different than rest of album.  Some distorted guitars that sound pretty funky.  The beat kind of overpowers Slug at points though.

10. The Number None:
This reminds me of The Best Day.  Definitely upbeat, and the slide guitar is a nice touch.  I like this a lot, more upbeat and Slug flow is on point, and he showcases some of his sense of humor.

11. Freefallin’: I expected this kind of beat for some reason.  It has an alt-country feel to it. This is the stand out track of the album IMO.  Really solid sound, and Slug is definitely good on it.  The hook is also good.

12. To All My Friends:
This reminds me of the last track.  A little more upbeat than the start of the album for sure.  Another stand out track.

I know people will complain because they always do when I don’t love an album, but this isn’t horrible.  It has some stand outs.  I just found some of the beats to be dreary, too dark or too old fashioned.

I probably won’t play this much but I do like how the album ends.  I will continue to check for Slug, but I hope his production can reach the past highlights of the Atmosphere catalog.

In general Rhymesayers has been disappointing lately. This E is just OK, and the last Brother Ali project was a let down.  Maybe it is time for more outside production.  Imagine Slug and Bro Ali over a guy like Kno from CunningLynguists.

  • Smoker

    How are you not feeling the beat on Scalp? That was some smooth shit.

  • Dallis51

    kind of a weak review...first of all...if your not gona break down slugs lyrics than you're not actually reviewing atmospheres work...ive listened to each song at least 20 times by now...tracks 1,2,3,5,7,8,11, and 12 are legit...may not be as good as some of atmospheres old stuff..youre right.. but its progressive and just happy slug isnt a wack commercial sellout like lil wayne who has no brain or talent and who sacrifices his dignity for mass least slug and ant are being original and keeping it old school

  • Well considering my reviews are all based on my very first listen - breaking down lyrics isn't very possible. I still stand by my review though - this album has gotten maybe one or two more spins from me. Slug whines too much and Ant dropped the ball on the productions IMO. To each their own though.

  • Alimarie27

    no i totally agree with you, there is no edge. he doesnt play with his words anymore i feel like there is no character in his voice anymore. agree with the saddness of it sounds too dark not the same atmosphere that brought us sunshine or fuck you lucy or woman with the tattooed hands. dissapointed to the fact that they are going with live music now its not the same samples you can do whatever you want pick the craziest sounds but this album sounds way too plain for me. i love atmosphere to death dont get me wrong been a fan sense i was a younin but not a fan of this album

  • paige

    this is atmosphere hes not going to change a whole lot hes the best one of a kind my favorite i love everything about every song no one can beat him and hes not going to be a lil wayne cuz everyone is trying to be along those lines so they can get on 92.5 and make more money the only thing i hate is love life tattoos!

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