A couple missed days here and there is what kills a month for me. I better get back on track, and I better get back on track now. I really have no excuse to not have posted. I even had a couple things to talk about.

Although I am pretty late on it, what about Sean Avery? This guy has worn his welcome out on just about every team he has played on. He even got tossed away by the rangers, a team that had a significantly better record with him on the ice. I guess he isn’t the most likeable guy in the world.

That said, I am going to kind of side with Avery on his latest troubles. I understand that what he said in regards to other NHL players in relationships with 2 of his ex girlfriends was pretty tasteless. It borders on sexist and overall it was in bad taste. I won’t even write what he said; it has been all over the news, so we all know. I will admit that as tasteless as it was, I laughed when I heard it.

It was just the whole way it came about, like he went to the effort of rounding up some reporters, and a camera man, then made his comment and left. That was it. That is a pretty hilarious way to deliver your “joke”. I assume Avery thought it would be funny so that is why he did it.

He is also known as an on ice pest, since one of the players he referred to was on the opposing team that night, it could have been a tactic to get said player off his game. Avery is very good at rattling people. Anyways, enough talk about what he said or why he said it, let’s look at the NHL’s response.

They suspended him for 6 games…

SIX GAMES. That seems a touch harsh doesn’t it? The word on the street is that they had to come down harsh on him because he is a repeat offender.

Alright with that in mind, let’s look at Ryan Hollweg. At the start of the year he was suspended for 2 games for hitting someone from behind, he was suspended for 2 games because he had already hit someone from behind the year before. His first game back from the 2 game suspension he was involved in another hitting from behind penalty. He was suspended for 3 games. The NHL then said that if he did it again it would be 4 games.

See where I find this confusing? A habitual re-offender of the NHL’s rules and policies has been treated far more lightly than Avery. I would say that hitting someone from behind and possibly ending their season, career or in extreme cases the ability to walk is a little worse than uttering a tasteless joke.

Apparently the NHL feels differently about that. I am sure if put on the spot they would claim that of course hitting from behind and head shots are a bigger concern. Their actions prove otherwise. Yes Sean Avery is constantly in trouble, so is Hollweg. Avery is in trouble because he says stupid stuff, Hollweg is in trouble because he blindsides players from behind face first into the boards.

Avery gets 6 games, Hollweg gets 3.

To me it sends the wrong message in two ways. Firstly, it shows to me that the NHL is more worried about some perceived image they have than the health of their players. Secondly, it shows that being yourself and not spouting the same old rehashed sports clichés to reporters can get you in serious trouble.

I mean there are a lot of interesting people in the NHL, and it would be a shame if the league tried to make sure they all stick to lines like; “both teams played hard” , “we gave 110% tonight” or “sometimes you just don’t get the bounces.”

I know Avery crossed a line, but how about a fine or a one game suspension. Don’t be so quick to drop the hammer on him while headhunters like Hollweg are given slaps on the wrist.

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