B.o.B – The Adventures of Bobby Ray

Alright you guys know how I roll – first time listening to an  album I write my thoughts here.  Some songs might grow on me later, some might become stale. Don’t get too offended if I don’t like one of your fav songs.  Maybe, it will grow on me.  So really, this is barely a review at all – more like a first time glance.

Today is Bob – The Adventures of Bobby Ray

I am a BoB fan – have been for awhile now.  I actually have talked about him on here and included him in some mixes.  BoB is one of the new breed of MC – Seamlessly switching between rapping and singing.  I would group him with dudes like Drake and Kid Cudi.  I like this sound – if you don’t then maybe take my “review” with a grain of salt.

ALSO the album I have is missing 2 tracks…my version is “early”.

So with that in mind…

1. Don’t Let me Fall – I have a bad copy of this, sounds much battered mastered.  Piano meet electric guitars – I like Bobs voice.  Damn this dude can flow – rides the beat as good as anyone right now.  As soon as he said Decatur I thought of Andre 3000 – bet it isn’t the last time I think that this album.

2. Nothin on You – Yeah I know like 700 girls who will love the start of this song. I would have been too REAL to like this in high school…now it is some feel good music that makes me think of summer.

3. Past My Shades – Oh shit Lupe feature! BoB is no Marvin Gaye but there is something cool about his voice – conveys emotion really well if that makes sense.  So far I am hearing a more upbeat and inspiring version of Kid Cudi’s album.

4. Airplanes – The start of his songs are like Coldplay.  I thought this girl singing was Miley Cyrus…sounding all country. This has a country kind of beat – would just SLAY at a Buck and Doe. Someday I will get caught singing this chorus in the car at the top of my lungs and WAY too into it.

5. Bet I – Oh I know this song – good stuff.  TI absolutely kills this wow -welcome back Tipper.  Another unapologetically commercial sounding song – but the combo of Tip and BoB pulls it off.

6. Ghost In The Machine – BoB loves the beat starting off with sparse piano keys.  It is a cool technique…gives an epic feeling to the beat like it is building into some crescendo.  This will be one of my fav songs on the album weeks from now – I know it.

7. The Kids – Haha his voice caught me off guard there at the start. Ah good to hear him rapping on this.  This is borderline corny in terms of sound…but BoBs dropping some knowledge – saves it IMO.

8.  Magic – No just no.  His voice caught me off guard on the last song and it reminded me of like a Happy Days era singer…this song continues that trend.  Futuristic happy days.  Kind of reminds me of Hey Ya a bit too – told you i would think of Andre again.  Not my fav.

9. Fame – Nice to get back to a more traditional beat – nice sample use.  BoB has some cool subject matter – gets real personal.

10. Lovelier Than You – Bob getting his Ben Harper on here at the start of the beat. See this is the type of song these new school rappers can pull off.   – beat reminds me of Burn One Down a bit actually.

12. Airplanes Pt. 2 – Welcome back Miley clone.  Beat is a little less country though but same kind of vibe.  I dunno if I can handle this girl on the hook – but the songs are OK.

13. Higher – Found the beat distracting but Bob is kind of killing this – been going non stop for awhile.  Kills the hook too – he saved this track.

14. Satellite – Rappers love them some space sounding beats.  Instead of the sparse piano keys to start the song, we get SPACE ORGAN.  All of these beats have a real organic feel to them – I think a lot of live instrumentation.  I am not sure on that but maybe.

All in all a nice release from BoB.  The new breed of MC has to handle singing hooks and rapping verses.  BoB does both better than average.  Although there were some very transparent shots a commercial success 9Airplanes 1 and 2 notably) I think BoB was able to balance that with some creative subject matter..

The brightest spots on this album were BoBs overall vision, subject matter and his ability to craft complete songs.  At least that is what I think after ONE listen.  I’ll come and update these quick reviews with my feeling months from now – see how it aged.

  • OJnHaze

    andre 3000 been done this...this dude is way too close to people like kudi and kanye west on a good album for me to ever check for him.

  • Yeah I am already starting to get bored of this. The stand out songs are great though...just too poppy for my tastes overall. However if you take the best half of this album and throw on some of the best BoB songs from the past year or so and that would be a great album.

    Dude has skills...just didn't execute 100% on this album IMO

  • Looks like it's a good album. I honestly haven't heard manyof BoB's songs, although this "first glance review" makes the album more interesting to listen to.

  • I am looking forward on hearing this album.

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