Back at it.

So another timely update.

I am not going to worry about it too much because I have been pretty busy lately. It has kind of been a whirlwind. There are a lot of changes at Ignite Your Essence, plus I am trying to get the house cleaned for my grandma who is coming to visit from Newfoundland.

To top it off I have been trying to kick my fitness up a level as well. I started my new routine today with a pretty heavy chest and back blast. I am a little sore. I think it was mainly from the bench press and seated iso high row. Both exercises are new to me. I have been doing an incline dumbbell press but I could feel the bench press working different parts of my chest.

I took it easy on the new exercises; I only tried for 95lbs on the bench press. That is pretty damn low, but the good news is I could bench it very easily. I will attempt 115 tomorrow and see how that feels. I have a feeling it won’t be too bad. The next step after that I will go for 135lbs, that will be a full plate one each end of the bar…I won’t feel like such a weakling when I reach that.

My training partner wasn’t in today so I went through the first day of the new routine pretty quickly. Tomorrow I will redo day one so he can catch up, but I will go at a much higher intensity. I am going to up my cardio significantly as well. A brisk walk to the gym isn’t cutting it anymore.

My neighbours got a new puppy today, so that pretty much rules. They got a chocolate lab. That has got to be one of my favourite dog breeds. It is 11 weeks old so it is a complete puppy. I haven’t got a chance to meet with it yet, but I am sure I soon will. I saw it playing in their backyard today and it was too cute.

They have a 5 year old daughter who I am sure will just be best friends with the dog. She always really liked our dogs and she seemed super excited that she has one of her own. I think it is safe to say that a 5 year old child and 11 week old puppy playing has got to be top 3 cutest things ever. I think it falls just ahead of that crow and kitten friendship I saw on youtube and just after any kitten and puppy friendship.

Yes I am a sucker for animals, but I will soon be benching 10000lbs, so you better not make a big deal of it.

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