Back At It

I was a little nervous today, not going to lie.

Due to travel and sickness I had not been to the gym in about 9 days. I was a little scared this morning on my walk to the gym. I don’t have a lot of weight training knowledge, so I wasn’t sure how those 9 days would affect me. I was worried about how much strength I had lost mostly. I didn’t want to have to play catch up this week.

Luckily, my strength was right about where it had been prior to the lay-off. In fact in some cases I was putting up weight I had never reached. I did 6 reps of 50lb dumbbells in alternate bicep curls, haven’t done 50 there before. I also did 10 reps of 150 lbs on leg extension, another all time high. That is a load off my mind, having to start all over again would have been a huge de-motivator. Conversely, this is now a big motivator.

So basically, I was worried about nothing. My mind was just up to its old antics, trying to talk me out of doing anything. I was able to tune out my doubts though, and thankfully I did, because it felt great to get back into the gym. I feel awesome right now actually. A nice light buzzing pain that lets you know you accomplished something more than it hurts.

This weekend we went to the Buck and Doe I mentioned. We camped out at a friend’s house afterwards. In the morning everyone was talking about how they got some severe cramps in their calves. I used to be notorious for that; I used to get very painful cramps when camping, so much so that I shied away from tents. This night I got none though, I felt a quick twinge at one point, but basically nothing. I am curious if it was my working out or my use of supplements. I do work out my calves every second day, and they are pretty strong. I also am taking a magnesium supplement and that seemed to help my cramping. I hadn’t taken the supplement for about a week prior to this camp-out so I am going to assume it has been the working out.

I am doing some dog-sitting in Toronto the first week of August. I will definitely have to find a gym there to work out at, no more week lay-offs for me. I know my sister has a decent gym at her office, I will be missing a couple machines I use, but I will make up for it by doing different exercises and using free weights for anything I can.

This will be a big test of my fitness commitment. I know my mind will try to use the heat as an excuse not to walk to the gym. It will tell me I should stay home with the dogs. I’ll want to just laze around, or check out some of the great food selections they have in Toronto. There will be no shortage of distractions that is for sure. Just got to bite the bullet though and make sure I go to the gym EVERY morning, and if I go early enough I will have time to do anything else I feel like. I’ll also have that feeling of accomplishment with me all day.

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