Back, wearing the 4-5

Mannnnn…been a minute or two since I posted here.

I have been busy as hell recently. I have been working with Justin on different projects for like 2 years now – things seem to be paying off now.

We recently overhauled Ignite Your Essence – it will be the best success related site on the internet eventually. I am not sure how many people actually saw the site as recent of a couple weeks ago but if you go to the Success based site now you can see a HUGE improvement.

One one hand it is bittersweet because we worked soooooo hard on the old site and we thought we did a good job – but thanks to everything we have learned along the way we were able to update the site to give it a much more modern and clean look.

Another thing that helped us was getting hooked up with Brad Gosse – he is an Orangeville entrepreneur that super-networker Justin got into contact with. He has made a lot of money online and is a great business partner to have, as well as a good guy in general. He addresses a lot of the weaknesses Justin and I had. He has a huge modern office in Orangeville as well as a ton of success stories – that equals instant credibility.

Our latest business venture (in partnership with Brad) is on the verge of blowing up in my estimation. Our Ontario based business directory will eventually cover all of the Ontario area codes. Our focus right now is on 519biz (and 705biz) and building a sales force to build both of those directories. We already offer ridiculous value and a much better looking directory than anything else on the net. Now the key is getting the word out there.

A link to our PDF Brochure

Here is our Youtube Commercial:


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