That is way too long a hiatus from blog posting.

I didn’t even have a super busy weekend; I could have definitely posted a couple of those days.
I am not going dwell on not posting though, just have to make sure I am more consistent with my writing.

I went in for a weekend gym workout on Saturday. I usually reserve Saturday and Sunday for days off, but I was in the general area of the gym so I stopped by for a workout. I feel weird even writing something like that. It was not too long ago when I would never have imagined writing that.

This is probably the most consistently I have exercised since high school. It is definitely the most intense workout routine I have followed.

I think in September I will change things up a bit. I have probably mentioned this but I want to make sure I have some of the classic “powerlift” exercises in my routine. I want to incorporate flat bench barbell bench press. That is the classic bench press that is the first exercise a lot of people think about when they hear a person is “weightlifting.” I also want to incorporate a barbell squat and a deadlift.

The latter two lifts work a lot of muscles and are very exhausting. I am not exactly looking forward to adding them but I am pretty excited about it. The bench press is such a benchmark (no pun) exercise. A lot of the time when talking to someone about strength you are hit with the eventual “How much can you bench?” I don’t really have a goal about what weight I would eventually like to bench press, but I am definitely curious as to what I can bench and what I will eventually bench.

I’ll probably look like a straight up tool the first time I set up these new exercises, but I am over worrying about that. I’ll be the first one to laugh at something stupid I do anyways. I’ll just make sure I start these new exercises on slow days. Those days when it is just guys in there as well.

I spent a lot of last week helping my brother’s girlfriend take care of her dog. She has a Golden Lab and it had a tumour removed from its side. The tumour wasn’t malignant or anything it was just very large. Since it was so large she had to have about 13 staples to close the wounds.
I just made sure to keep an eye on the dog when my brother’s girlfriend was at work. I’d make sure it didn’t lick at the cut, there was no sign of infection and I would carry her up the stairs to go outside.

I didn’t mind helping out at all, the dog was great. She was very sore and a little tired but she is so easy to take care of, such a good dog. I definitely can’t use her as an excuse about not writing because she is calm enough I could have wrote at anytime.

I’ll make sure to stay consistent with the writing, I am sure once I start changing my routine up I will have TONS to whine about.

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