Beards v0.2

There is a lot going on in the world these days. There is a black president about to take office, there is a recession, there are wars going on…so what will I talk about?


Yup beards again.

I wasn’t going to talk about beards again until mine was in full bloom, but my friend Carley had to make a comment about beards. She seemed willing to admit that beards have helped carve out this world we live in. She didn’t think that beards were attractive though. In fact she thought they were…sick.
Oh Carley, you are so wrong.

I mean I am not going to spend this post debating the looks of males with beards. What I will do is throw a couple names out there…names of men with beards and then we can all estimate if they have been able to attract a lady or two.
Men who have rocked THE BEARD:

Leonardo DiCaprio
Justin Timberlake
Adrian Grenier
Ryan Gosling

I mean right there you have a who’s who of the entertainment world.

The way I look at it when you rock a beard you combine the boyish good looks of a Justin Timberlake with the overwhelming power of a Merlin. Maybe I am not thinking straight here, but just imagine Merlin Timberlake. Imagine the power that he would wield.

That image alone oozes power and virility. Really though, how ridiculous would Timberlake look wearing a pointy hat without a beard? The mere idea is laughable.

I think another problem is that having a beard is too fashion forward. Like it is SO hip and fashionable, that people, especially from small towns, just haven’t caught up with the trend yet. Like I bet 6 months from now everyone is going to grow a beard. Of course in 6 months from now my beard will be epic.

I guess it is my cross to bear. I am the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to put his neck on the line (YES pun). I am the kind of guy who creates trends, doesn’t follow them.

When people see my beard they think “There is a guy who doesn’t take guff from anyone, he plays by his own rules.” True story by the way, I hear people say that all the time.

If you want to succeed in life you have to lead the pack, you have to be innovative and take charge. No one can take charge like a guy with a beard. It is a simple fact.

You want good looks, strong will and undeniable power – grow a beard.

If you don’t want to grow a beard, don’t worry about it. There will always be little children you can hang out with while the bearded men talk sports and share business tips.

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