Well I knew there was a hiatus or two lurking this month. Can’t do anything about it now, but try and get back on track for the month.

This month has been a flurry of activity (no pun). I am about halfway done my Christmas shopping, so I am not too worried about that. Still have a solid 9 days to finish up, no worries.

This weekend included a couple of social functions. I spent Saturday day at a family Christmas party, and most of Saturday night at a friend’s party. It was a lot of fun.

It was also the debut of new and improved Ted….Ted WITH BEARD. Yep.

My brother and I are having a good ol’ fashioned beard growing contest. So far it is neck and neck (again no pun intended).

One thing about beards – they kind of look brutal in the growing phase, especially when starting out. I have never really kept a beard going past a couple weeks. Usually by then it is too itchy, or some social event comes up that I decide to shave for. This weekend I was tempted to shave it, but when I got a quick glance at my brother’s beard progression I used my willpower to go out and interact with people while having a crusty old half grown beard.

Will the payoff be worth it in the end? Will looking like a train riding hobo for a month or two be worth a full grown luxurious manly beard? I say…undoubtedly.
I mean just look at the history of the beard.

Ernest Hemmingway, the ultimate man’s man, rocked the beard. Would he have been able to create some of the world’s most classic literature without one? I am not sure, but I am going to go with no on that one.

Abraham Lincoln also rocked a beard. What did he do? Well he basically ended slavery and rebuilt a fractured country. I am sure a clean shaven man COULD have done the same thing. The questions is WOULD he?

All the sweetest wizards had beards…Gandalf and Merlin and…well I can only name two, but if you name me a wizard without a beard, I will be mightily impressed.

I could go on for days really. It just seems like if you want something accomplished you need to ask someone with a beard. I mean if you saw two scientists debating about space, or chemistry or whatever, wouldn’t you be inclined to agree with the guy who has a beard? I know I would.

The fact is if you don’t have a beard, you can’t ponder a question while stroking your beard knowingly. If you can’t stroke your beard knowingly…how can you know?

I could sit here and talk about the greatness of beards, but the proof will be seen when I am sporting one heck of a kick butt beard. I predict my rate AND quality of posts hit high gear once I have a man mane. You’ll see.

  • Anonymous

    Don't lie Carley. I have heard you complaining about beard burn between your legs many a time.

  • Carley S

    You are a piece of work.

    The question is, how many women do these historical, wizard-like men with beards get?

    Answer...NONE! Beards are sick.

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