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I have tried a lot of beat making software.

I am a huge rap fan and I wanted to make my own beats.

I started by DLing some software to try out.  I was young and stupid, so I tried getting some pirated software through torrents.  That was a headache.  I had to deal with DLing them I had to deal with viruses. I even got a warning  letter from my ISP once about reaching my bandwidth limit.  One program I opened and my computer was never the same again. No matter what spyware removal programs I tried, I never got back to that blazing speed I once had.

I finally bought some software – fruity loops.  I was so excited to install it. Then I did.  Now I must be an idiot but I couldn’t figure it out.  The learning curve was very intense.  I just wanted to use a sample and add some drums.  I couldn’t even get my sample looped properly.  The program was great but not intuitive enough for me.  I don’t know a lot of this technical stuff.  I just wanted something that would easily allow me to make beats.  A SIMPLE piece of beat making software.

My last chance was  I had a friend tell me about them so I checked it out.  I wasn’t blown away by their sales page – it didn’t look great but it did have some cool video.  My favourite was the video on how easy to set up the software was.  It made it seem pretty simple.  I bought the product and I have to was exactly what I was looking for.

It isn’t for the super technical DJ, it is for the Joe Schmoe like me who has a couple sample ideas floating around in his head.  It was an instant DL, really cheap and simple to use.  I am a happy customer.  The thing has everything I need, you can make beats easily, add your own sounds and export the MP3.  There are a lot of other advanced features but so far I have kept it simple.

This is the website for Sonic Producer or you can:


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