Best Bad Girls Club Fights

I probably like more reality TV shows than I should admit to.

I know there is a huge backlash about reality TV because the networks shoved that shit down our throats because they figured out they could create an entire show without actors or writers!

So yeah I get the hatred of them – IMO though they still make for some of the funniest moments in TV.

The original Joe Schmo show is probably one of the best moments in TV history for me. Matt Gould’s “What is going on” is still uttered amongst my circle of friends.

Big Brother is another one I watch, and I was alllll over the Jersey Shore – to me that was one of the funniest things on TV ever.

For some reason though Bad Girls Club slipped under my radar – and there is like 4 seasons!

I will make another confession here – and this will lead to a lot of guys questioning me – but I dislike girl fights. I dunno – they kind of gross me out in real life. I totally get the erotic aspect of them – but I dunno – it is just sooo unclassy and not to be a chauvinist – but “unladylike”.

UNLESS they are on Reality TV!!!! Then they are hilarious because you know for the most part no one is going to get too hurt before the security jumps in.

So although I have never seen this show – lets look at some of the best Bad Girls Club fights I could find on Youtube:


Season 4 – Portia vs Natalie

Season 2 – Tanisha vs. Jennavecia

Season 4 – Amber vs. Flo

Season 3 – Kayla vs, Whitney

Season 3 – Kayla vs Amber

If anyone has any I missed that they feel were better – please leave a comment with the link.  I have never seen this show, and honestly probably never will so I am sure I missed some classic brawls. 

The Man The Myth The Legend

  • This is what bad girls club had, the thrill, excitement and spices to the sequel. I've watch the videos and they are really good to watch for. It is worth watching for.

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