Top 10 Rap Songs of ’11 (SO FAR!)

Alright, I think it is time to put up my favorite songs of the year so much.  Being almost 3 full months in is a good time to take a look at the songs I have really been feeling so far.

And a note to the dickheads out there – I said SO FAR.  This is March right now, if you find this post in August, and complain because your fav song from June isn’t on the list – you are a dickhead. I have not mastered time travel…yet. These are my personal top ten rap songs as of March 16th 2011.

Without further ado…

Best Rap Songs of 2011 (SO FAR!) (in no particular order)

1. Tyler The Creator – Yonkers: Say what you will about the OFWGKTA – but these kids are killing it.  They are easily the hottest act in rap right now.  A ton of industry buzz and it is clear why.  They might shock people, but they do it with some serious skill.  They handle everything in house.  This song is garnering a lot of buzz, up to millions of hits on YouTube already.

2. Big KRIT – Dreaming: The man who I think had album of the year last year, is still killing it.  I find his music really motivating – a lot of tracks about realizing your dreams and this is no different.  KRIT also produced this gem, great laid back beat with a sick sample. I really hope this guy blows up.

3. G-Side – Pictures: Had to pick a G-Side song and had a tough time deciding on which one.  Their album is still my favorite of the year (stream it on the sidebar) and it had to be represented.  I chose Pictures because I think it has a lot of cross over appeal.  Great, great beat.  It isn’t cutting edge social commentary, basically a sex song – but sex is still cool right?  The racial slur G Mane ends his verse with is a bit out of place, but I assume it is paying homage to Bun B.

4. Pusha T – My God: Here is a confession – I fucking love The Clipse.  I think they are an amazing group and I don’t care if they only rap about crack.  They do crack rap better than anyone, besides early era Jay-Z.  Pusha T is doing some solo work and so far so good.  This track sounds like the perfect intro for his new mixtape.

5. Frank Ocean – Swim Good: I wanted to limit this list to only one song per artist.  This is cutting the line close, since Frank Ocean is a part of the OFWGKTA along with the aforementioned Tyler The Creator.  This song is also not really a rap song.  That said, fuck it.  I love this song and it is close enough to rap these days with all these sing-songy dudes rapping.  I also think it is SO different from Tyler The Creator that it really showcases the broad range of abilities of OFWGKTA.  This is a laid back love song, compared to Tylers shock-fest.  The whole Frank Ocean album is an amazing debut mixtape.

6. Lil B feat. Jean Grae and Phonte – Base For Your Face: This is a huge surprise to me.  it is crazy that thins song contains so many aspects I hate but totally works.  I hate Lil B, I don’t get the whole Lil B movement and I don’t get this new fascination people have with rappers who can’t really rap. I also don’t like 9th Wonder.  Usually has those weak ass drums.  Then you have Phonte who I really like, but is also half of a group (Little Brother) that I find to be a snooze-fest.  So take all of those aspects, add Jean Grae (best female MC since Lauryn) and for some weird reason, shit reacts and becomes a dope ass song.

7. CunninLynguists feat. Freddie Gibbs – Hard As They Come: CunninLynguists have been around for awhile.  I used to be a huge fan, but I just don’t know if the rapping holds up to the supreme production.  Kno is a sick producer and their new album is full of great beats.  This beat is one of them, a very cool sample.  I also love the Gibbs verse on this.

8. Raekwon – Snake Pond: People love the Raekwon comeback.  His last two albums have gotten great reviews.  I am not fully on the bandwagon though.  I find him kind of boring as an MC actually.  This track is fire though.  it is a bit short, but the beat reminds me of vintage Wu-Tang.

9. Reks feat. Lil Fame – Cigarettes: Cigarettes are disgusting as shit, but this track is dope.  I do not like Reks that much, but he sounds good over this and doesn’t do too much name dropping (his album is too full of it). I am not sure who produced this but a great throwback New York sound.  Preemo-esque in fact.

10. Rittz feat. Yelawolf and Big KRIT: Man, the first time I saw Rittz I did a triple-take. Not the most photogenic guy on earth, which isn’t  a diss because I am the same way.  It was just shocking to hear a guy RIP a track (because he is a sick rapper) and then see him.  This track also features another white rapper with a lot of hype – Yelawolf.  Lastly, Big KRIT is on the track.  A nice beat, laid back but with a bit of bounce.  The song is actually pretty funny too.

Honorable Mentions (also in Divshare player)

Wiz Khalifa – The Race
Killer Mike feat. T.I. & Big Boi – Ready Set Go (Remix)
Saigon – Oh Yeah
Pharaoh Monch – Evolve

***NOTE** I couldn’t stream the Tyler track since I have an m4a copy, but I included the Youtube video before the playlist.

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