B.G. – Too Hood To Be Hollywood Review

I usually review albums that I really like.  I hear an album and think, damn I should really blog about this.

Can B.G. keep the trend alive?

1. Intro – This is a quick track – kind of a generic beat, with some guitar licks covered by a pretty plodding baseline.  Doesn’t really pump me up like an album intro should, nor does it set up a story or anything like that.

2. I Swear – This is not what I was expecting.  This is a pretty current sounding beat, that actually works with BGs drawl.  The beat reminds me of something you would hear on a Kid Cudi album.  Cool beat, not sure if I want to hear BG rhyming over beats like this though.

3. Ni**a Owe Me Some Money – BG rapping about what he will do when you owe him money…remind me not to ask him for a 5er.  This beat is supposed to sound intimidating I guess, seems so soulless to me.  I don’t know how to explain it but it is the same general feeling I got from the new Eminem album.  I don’t ever need to hear Lil Boosie on a song again in my life either.

4. Is U Wet Yet? – *Listen to first five seconds* …and moving on…

5. My Hood – This is what I expected to hear on this album.  This reminds me of some classic Cash Money beats.  Well maybe not classic but the era where they were huge – think Project Bitch and/or Shine.  This is why we loved you Mannie Fresh!

6. Hit Da Block and Roll – Yay more electric guitar!  Seems like rappers love the electric guitar these days.  It can be a cool sound effect, unless you surround it by a generic bass line and corny synths. This beat is just OK to me, it almost works but just sounds too generic.  I know I use that term too much – but damn what else is there to day about beats like this.

7. Like Yeah – I don’t know who produced this but it seems like someone doing a bad Mannie Fresh impression while trying to make a hard beat.  I might not mind this song at the gym actually.  I like BGs flow, but don’t want to hear a former(?) heroin addict talking about popping pills.  Maybe rapping about your inner demons would make the song captivating, and be therapuetic at the same time.

8. Cut Thang – Uhhhhhh A sappy beat combined with a lame crooner with nothing captivating about his voice.  Great start.  This beat gets a bit better when the guy isn’t singing on it.  Still a  bit soft for my taste.

9. Back to the Money – Im just not feeling these beats.  Total personal preference but just sounds like a myspace rapper beat.  Plus got that same WACK dude singing.  UGH.

10. Ya Heard Me
– Including a completely unneeded and lame Trey Songz performance this song is just OK.  The beat isn’t mind blowing but it is definitely better than most on this album and BG flows nice over it.  Mostly rapping about street stuff, but I can handle any subject matter if it is done well (i.e. Clipse).  Lil Wayne has released a lot of non autotune straight rapping tracks lately that have reminded me of how good he was…BG decides to have Wayne in autotune mode.  Weak.  Juvenile is a shell of his former self.  Gah, remember how fresh “ha” sounded when it came out.  Dissapointing to see these three collabo after so long and put out crap.

11. Rather Die – I think he shouts out Mannie Fresh at the start and it would make sense.  This seems like a Mannie beat – more like a throwaway but it is OK.  Maybe I have just outgrown this sound?  A Maino apperance?  Was that really needed?  Were “the streets” crying out for more Maino guest appearances?

12. Watch Me Do Magic –  Ehhhh BG rapping about his money was more fun when  he actually had some. I think BG would have been better off sticking to his personal story which is probably pretty interesting.  Oh well at least he paired uninspiring raps with uninspired beats.

13. Gutta Gutta – Hmmm I actually don’t mind this…remarkable for this album.  A kind of minimlistic beat, that I would probably not like if they had done much more with it.  Also on the track is the world famous rapper…Gar. (BG needed WAY less guests)

14. Keep It 100 – Another wack singing male YAY.  I cant even focus on the beat or BG because of the horrible singing.  The beat isn’t horrible and I would hate to use the word generic again…so let’s move on

15. Under Surveillance – I am not sure there are enough ways for me to say – the beat sucks.  So there it is.

16 BONUS TRACK 4 a Minute – I was hoping to hear the TI verse on this.  The weak beat wasn’t enough for me to turn it off, knowing that Tip was hopefully about to rip it.  Instead he sang about 6 bars.  Good job BG you got Lil Wayne and TI to SING on your album.

17 BONUS TRACK – I Hustle
– Alright so the beat is once again pretty basic and the same crap being churned out for ages…can Jeezy save the song where Tip and Weezy failed miserably?  I swear if Jeezy sings on this I am gonna snap.  Jeezy delivers what might be (although short) the albums best verse…and it isn’t anything to blog about…well except for me.

All in all I will never listen to this again.  Cash Money was the soundtrack to many a good time in my life, so maybe I should just appreciate it for what it WAS, and forget what it has become.

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  • Soulja4lyfe

    Dude ur lame that isn't even the rite tracklist I'd rather die isn't on there its called cash money is an army. Dummy

  • This is the advance that I DL'd not the retail. I figured there was no reason to change my review when the retail dropped because a song change here or there wouldn't fix the uninspired piece of crap album.

    If I wanna hear BG Ill throw on Chopper City and listen to him over good production and when he actually cared about rappping.

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