Big Boi: Sir Lucious Left Foot Review

Full album name is: Big Boi: Sir Lucious Left Foot The Son of Chico Dusty

Today is bittersweet.  On one hand Big Boi’s new album has leaked – on the other hand it is kind of sad because it isn’t a traditonal Outkast album.  Will we ever get to hear Big Boi and Andre spitting verses over a whole album together again? Even worse, due to some record label BS, Andre doesn’t even have a verse on here.  Oh well, Big Boi can carry an album IMO so let’s see if he does that…

Again my normal warnings are in place – this is my first spin…my opinion is bound to change on repeated listens.  Also this is a pretty early webrip – great sound quality but I am not sure if the track listing will be 100% the same when it finally drops.

1. Feel Me: I dunno why but this intro just sounds like Big Boi LOL I believe the term he would use is FONKY!  “Damn that weren’t nothing but the intro!”

2. Daddy Fat Sex: GYEAH great to hear Big Boi rapping…it makes me a bit sad that I won’t hear Andre jump in on this album.  This beat is incredible! Big Boi rips this!  Great start.

3. Turns Me On feat. Sleepy Brown & Joi:
I love Sleepy Brown so I expect greatness.  Cool acapella start…here comes the beat and this is sounding great.  Big Boi sounds great so far on this album…only 3 songs in I know – I get excited easily.

4. Follow US feat. Vonnegutt: Kind of a reggae feel to the start of this beat.  Big Boi is beasting on this album. WTF the beat just got fleshed out and it is cool.  I dunno much about this Vonnegutt dude – hooks is OK though.  I think Sleepy Brown would have been better on the hook – but that’s pure opinion.

5. Shutterbug feat. Cutty: I could see this being a popular song – I think it has some commercial appeal – has a current feel.  I like it for sure though. On this first skim Big Boi is batting 1.000 so far.

6. General Patton: One of the songs I have previously heard.  The beat with the horns and vocal choir is pretty epic.  Like it has an anthemic feel to it.  I think a beat like this can almsot overpower the song – but it doesn’t seem to here.  This is perfect for the gym playlist on your ipod.

7. Tangerine feat. T.I & Khujo:
When I saw the rappers on this for some reason I didn’t expect the electric guitar opening.  This beat is realllly good though.  Khujo is OK – TI is great on this.  Anyone else wish Andre 3k jumped on this?  I think the uniqueness of this beat really makes me nostalgic for Outkast.

8. You Aint No DJ feat. Yelawolf: Good to see Yelawolf get some shine – he has done some work with my underground favs – G-Side.  Dude has reminded me of Big Boi in past so this should be a good combination.  Probably the most unique beat so far. ..makes sense since I think Andre 3k produced this.

9. Hustle Blood feat. Jamie Foxx
:  This might piss people off but Jamie Foxx annoys the hell out of me – as an actor, singer or whatever.  I can live with him on the hook though I guess.  Cool contrast on this song – soft singing with kind of an airy beat but it has those angry electric guitar strings in the background.  Another solid song – and even Jamie sounds great on this.

10. Be Still feat. Janelle Monae:
Janelle already dropped a strong album of the year candidate so I am pumped to listen.  This beat sounds like it would fit on her album.  I am not sure i love it on this album though.  This might end up a song I skip sometimes.  Would have fit better on her album.

11. Fo Yo Sorrows feat. George Clinton, Too Short & Sam Chris:
The opening bass is just so George Clinton. Love the hook on this and the beat is kind of crazy.  Cool track really fits the album vibe.

12. Night Night feat. B.o.B & Joi: I gave the BoB album a positive review but I hate it now…a transparent shot at commercial appeal that just didn’t hit the mark on repeated listens.  These are the kind of beats BoB should have had IMO. This reminds me of an old western for some reason.  I know people will be like WTF at that – but the start of the beat instantly made me think of that.  Now of course the beat has morphed into something else completely.  Cool track I think I will get sick of it after a couple listens though.

13. Shine Blockas feat. Guccie Mane:
Is this Jay’s “This Can’t be Life” sample?  Also I hate Gucci Mane so hopefully the beat can drown out that mumbling fool. Cool beat…good flip on this sample.  Gucci doesn’t ruin this song – beat and Big Boi are too good but I can’t help but think it would have been better if Gucci was just on the hook.

14. The Train Part II feat. Sam Chris: Cool guitar effect to start the beat that morphs into some outer space ATLiens type beat.  Sam Chris is nice on the hooks – IMO though Sleepy Brown could have done all the hooks on this.  Weird vocal effect on Big Boi but it matches the beat.  Def reminds me of ATLiens..wish Andre would jump on it.

15. Back Up Plan:
A party track for sure.  Although I am loving this album so far I don’t know if this is one of my is still pretty damn good though.  It is actually growing on me as I type here.  Good track, not my fav but real soild.  15 songs in and this album is pretty ridiculous on first listen.

16. Theme Song:
This album has so many beats that tart off with organic strings of guitars, pianos etc…then it morphs into something completely different.  Not my style of song really. It sucks for me that autotune has kind of also killed the voicebox for me.  Could grow on me.

17. Shine Blockas (remix) feat. Guccie Mane, Bun B and Project Pat: Same beat and it is still great.  I can’t see this being bad at all.  You take a great song and add a couple great southern MCs.  Bun B sounds great and once again continues his maddening pattern of rapping way better on other peoples tracks than his solo work.  Project Pat also sounds good on this beat.  This song is great…I’ll probably just replace the original with this.  Get Andre on here!!!!

Alright this year is getting crazy – good albums continue to drop!  This is another great album on the first spin anyways.  Unlike the B.O.B album I don’t think repeated listens will hurt this as much.

Another great album and a possible album of the year candidate?  I don’t want to say it is yet since I have only listened to it once. If it lives up to further spins and the lyrics are on point – this will be assuredly be in my top ten albums of the year.

Possible Production Credits:

2. “Daddy Fat Sax” Mr. DJ
3. “Turns Me On” Organized Noize
4. “Follow Us” Salaam Remi
5. “Shutterbugg” Scott Storch
6. “General Patton” J. Beats
7. “Tangerine” Knightheat
8. “You Ain’t No DJ” André 3000
9. “Hustle Blood” Lil Jon
10. “Be Still” Mel V
11. “Fo Yo Sorrows” Organized Noize
12. “Night Night” DJ Speedy
13. “Shine Blockas” Cut Master Swift
14. “The Train Part. II ???
15. “Back Up Plan” ???
16. “Theme Song” Organized Noize

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