Big K.R.I.T – K.R.I.T Wuz Here Review

There are few releases I have been anticipating more than Big KRIT’s: Krit Wuz Here

I have definitely talked about this guy on here before and I count his song Hometown Hero as the best song of all of 09.

Now a lot of this songs I have heard already on this album.  That might be a problem for me usually, but it just happens that the songs he put on this would have made my own Best of Big KRIT mix.

So I know there are already a lot of good songs on here…but can the new songs compare to his already classic (in my opinion) songs?

Time to find out..

(remember this is based a quick first listen)

1. Return of 4Eva – Wow KRIT coming out with the high energy..I hadn’t heard this yet and it is fire.  Definitely southern but has an almost slightly West Coast feel to it – not sure why I feel that way though.  Great start

2. Country Shit – Heard this already, one of my fav songs of the year.  Love the synth that drops in – and love the hook.  I wonder if I could get away playing this song at a field party in the sticks?  They usually like country shit…or wait..maybe that is shitty country…

3. Just Touched Down – Loving that vocal sample – the beats on this are so lush.  They are definitely southern – this has those 3-6 Mafia style snares…but they are also really sampled based.  More like Goodie Mob than Young Jeezy if that makes sense.

4. Hometown Here
– Classic.  That all that needs to be said – youtube it if you have to.  I used to walk my dog with this song on and in the middle of the clear night all alone in the park it just seemed EPIC.

5. Viktorious – KRIT talking about his rapping before the song starts..I haven’t heard this so I hope he lives up to it…Wow nice flow on this- got that double time going on..he is killing this.  I usually notice his beats first…but KRIT has got some mic skills too.

6. See Me On Top – Beat starts and it sounds almost generically Southern, but then in comes to vocal sample adding an organic aspect that a lot of keyboard beats lack.  I dunno if KRIT is a super lyricist but if you want to hear some real emotion – this dude brings it.  Rapping like his life depended on it…almost biting the end off his words.  Good shit.

7. Glass House – Have heard this before – solid track.  Great beat as usual (did I mention he does his own beats?).  Good guest appearances from Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa.  Remember when Curren$y sucked?  Dude is solid as hell now – has really grown as am MC.

8. Children of The World
– Another song I have heard…the sample is killing me right now – what is it from?  Sounds like a classic TV Drama but I can’t figure it out.  Great song though – love the transparency of KRITs lyrics – he seems really honest and self reflective.

9. They Got Us
– Nice drum pattern to start…then in comes the vocal sample.  You think you would get sick of that but not with KRIT…dudes production skills are off the chart.  I even think he has used this EXACT vocal sample before…but I don’t care.

10. Good Enough
– Ten songs in and nothing but absolute fire.  KRIT is putting together album of the year material here.  I love dudes subject matter, voice and beats and hooks.   Usually one of those things annoy me with an album…not so far.

11. No Wheaties
– Another song  I have heard but again one of my top 5 KRIT songs ever.  I have actually mentioned this song on here before.  If you are wondering about the sample and it is killing you…same sample as 93′ Til Infinity.

12. Something – I have also heard this song before but once again it is one of my favs of KRIT’s.  It is hard to give my first impression on this album with all of the songs I have heard before.  Whatever though, more fire from KRIT.

13. Moon and Stars – Heard this and love it except it makes me ANGRY. It makes me angry that Devin the Dude has put out 2 consecutive albums with shitty production.  He needed to get Krit to give him some beats…he sounds great over this.  Laid back greatness here.

14. Neva Go Back – Oh noooooo this is my exact type of song!  Yes! What a great beat – totally southern too – reminds me of that Nappy Roots sound…or even that underrated second Bubba Sparxx album.  Great stuff.

15. Gumpshun – This is the smokers song – well one of them :).  My speakers suck right now so I can’t fairly judge this song because it sounds like it would be amazing on a good system.

16. 2000 & Beyond – I think I know this song but I am not sure…it is definitely solid but following all those amazing songs – it seems just good not amazing.

17. I Gotta Stay – On first listen this is seems a bit soft…but KRIT is spitting a cool story here so that makes up for it…and now the beat is actually filling out nicely.  OK my initial response was wrong – this is definitely soft but the beat reminds me of something Erykah Badu would sing over.  So “soft” was the wrong word – this is SMOOTH.

18. As Small As A Giant – Cool spoken word opening.  KRIT can make beats period!  This beat has some cool shit going on with it that I bet I would notice on better speakers.

19. Voices – Wow what a finish to the album – I have heard this song but I LOVE it.  The beat is absolutely classic and I have no worries about people saying I overuse that word – because it is!  Also best hook on an album this year – it really pumps me up and motivates me.

Hmmm so in conclusion..WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! KRIT brought that fire!  2010’s album of the year so far IMO.  If i hadn’t heard half this album before I would be sitting in awe right now.

The wonderful part of this album is that KRITs new songs live up to the anticipation his old songs created.  I had been listening to Voices and Hometown Hero for months thinking, can his album live up to this?  Uhh does.  It actually does.  Thank you Big KRIT for actually living up to my expectation…that doesn’t happen often these days.

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