Big K.R.I.T – Return of 4eva Review

Big KRIT baby.

This is my dude.  KRIT and G-Side are my dudes. Always feeling their music.  G-Side dropped what I thought was album of the year on January 1st. Now Big KRIT responds…can he live up to expectations. I thought Lupe and Wiz would give G-Side some competition and they both went the soft route.  They weren’t even close.

Will KRIT continue that trend?

Helllllllllll no.

KRIT came out swinging for the fences – and he hit a home run.  Shit, this is grand slam.  This is Ninth inning, 2 men out, down by three at bat with the bases loaded.  I picture Big KRIT hitting that homerun and tossing his bat like Big Papi in World Championships.

I wish a blog post allowed me to express my happiness in the form of a Ric Flair WOOOOOOO!

Big KRIT was not fooling around on this one either – 21 tracks of heat.  The majority are 3-5 minutes as well, this isn’t a 2 minute song marathon like Raekwon’s latest album.  This is 1.2 hours of that Big KRIT shit!  What does that mean?  Smooooth ass self produced beats with a double helping of soul and bass.

I don’t think there is one bad beat on this album.  Not one.  Maybe that will change since I have only heard it once.

It has a really great southern sound – not your cookie cutter Lex Luger beats  – I mean dungeon family style good.  A real lushness to the album, the beats are full of soul.  Real smooth hooks on this too.  Great samples as well.

KRIT keep getting better as a rapper too – he comes off really honest and down to earth on tracks like The Vent.  He is also becoming a master of the “Realizing Your Dreams” rap. Dreaming is a perfect example of this as well as of his humbleness…

I told them call me KRIT, they told me change my name
Don’t be alarmed if you don’t make it, thats just part of the game
Besides I aint rapping about dope nor did I sell it
I guess the story of a country boy just aint compelling
A&R’s searching for a hit, I just need a meal
Couldn’t afford to pay the rent, but passed up on the deal
Cause, it wasn’t right sometimes you gotta wade the storm
In a class of my own, but I was scared to raise my arm
Like, this my dream, this my life, I sacrificed it all
Except my soul in the firm belief there is a God
Watching out, when all the others used to doubt
Felt my pain and pointed down and said “Son, your time is now”
I think my grandma pulled some strings on the low
Thats between her and the lord I’ll ever know
For those that caught me in the Spin, in Complex magazine, XXL, the Vibe and whatever inbetween
It’s safe to say that dreams come true I guess
Don’t let nobody tell ya, try for yourself
Just know that I was once considered just a dreamer
But I paid my dues and turned so many doubters to believers

This is just a great album.

Why not just test it out yourself – Big KRIT is giving it away after all:

  • Big K.R.I.T.....nuff said

  • DJ Bitches

    I concur my guy....southern EPICNESS...this is sshit shoulkd be rename SouthernplayaDirtySpaceage Music

  • Dnizzy

    This may very well be the album of the year so far.......people better step their game up because krit just raised the bar!

  • Agreed - not too often you get a 21 track album/mixtape living up to expectations.

  • Devan

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