Big Sean – Finally Famous Review

I think I have a pretty good grasp on new hip-hop.  I champion a lot of new guys (including but not limited to Big KRIT, G-Side, Freddie Gibbs and OFWGKTA)  I have never ever been into Big Sean though.

Does that make me a hater?  I dunn0 – my issue with Big Sean is I have never really been impressed by his tracks – at least not enough to check out more of his catalog.

His BET Cypher and the NO ID produced “So Much More” changed my mind.  Those two tracks made me realize that I had better give this guy a shot – whats a better chance to do that than his new album Finally Famous.

Even if I hadn’t been impressed by Big Sean himself the production line up would have won me over:

1. “Intro” Produced by: Kevin Randolph, Key Wane
2. “I Do It” Produced by: No I.D., The Legendary Traxster
3. “My Last” f/ Chris Brown Produced by: No I.D.
4. “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” Produced by: No I.D.
5. “Wait For Me” f/ Lupe Fiasco Produced by: No I.D., Exile
6. “Marvin & Chardonnay” f/ Kanye West & Roscoe Dash Produced by: Pop Wansel, Mike Dean
7. “Dance (A$$)” Produced by: Da Internz
8. “Get It (DT) f/ Pharrell” Produced by: The Neptunes
9. “Memories (Part II)” f/ John Legend Produced by: No I.D.
10. “High” f/ Wiz Khalifa & Chiddy Bang Produced by: Xaphoon Jones
11. “Live This Life” f/ The Dream Produced by: No I.D.
12. “So Much More” Produced by: No I.D.
13. “What Goes Around” (Bonus Track) Produced by: No I.D.
14. “Celebrity” f/ Dwele (Bonus Track) Produced by: Filthy Rockwell, No I.D.
15. “My House” (Bonus Track) Produced by: Boi-1da
16. “100 Keys” f/ Rick Ross & Pusha T (Bonus Track) Produced by: Hilton and Brian Wright (WrighTrax Productions)

Ummm NO ID all over it, Neptunes, Boi-1da AND Mike fucking Dean?   Yeah I would be checking this album regardless.

I have only listened to this a couple of times, but I like it more than I thought I would have, say even a week ago.

I think the album ends great.  The stretch from 11-16 is all fire to me.  That is my favorite part of the album, and I think it is probably due to the production. No ID had a gooood run to end the album – even Boi-1Da’s beat is soulful – fits in with NO ID’s beats nicely.   The final song is different stylistically but I am feeling it and luh Pusha T.

The strong points on this album for me are the songs in that ending run and I also am really feeling the Intro, I Do It and Don’t Tell You Love Me.  I also LOVE Get It – I think it is a pretty great Neptunes beat – almooost has an Allure (Jay-Z) feel to it.  The track with John Legend is also fire.

The weak points are pretty apparent to me – and this is why I don’t love the album – The track with Lupe comes off corny to me.  I think the beat was close to the soulful feel that some of this tracks pull off but dipped into corniness for me.  Reminded me of Lupe’s Lasers album which was a piece of trash IMO.   I also thought the track with Kanye was bleh – wasn’t feeling the beat.  I am not even sure what they were attempting to do there.  A$$ is another track that isn’t my favorite but it might be a good club track.

As a whole product this is a lot better than I thought.  Big Sean can flow, and at times he is very personal and candid on his tracks. I dunno if I was ever blown away by a verse, but maybe on subsequent listens I will.  The downside to this album, is it is a bit all over the place.  If it had the same feel as the last 5 or 6 tracks I would have been super impressed.

As it stands – I am surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did.  I think it could have used some consistency and more cohesion but this is still much better than I expected.  I say check it out – I dunno if it makes you a Big Sean fan but it might help.

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