Brotherly Love

I mentioned earlier I changed my work out routine from a 2 day split to a three day split. I don’t want to go into exactly what that means, but basically it allows me to focus more on key muscle groups.

That is a good thing I guess, but it certainly isn’t the most comfortable thing I have done. I am significantly sorer from these workouts. I think because I was sick for like a week and a half, I have to kind of get back into the swing of things. At least that is what I tell myself.

I think all in all I missed about 2 weeks of weight training. I had missed a week one time before and I felt that I actually came back stronger. This is definitely not the case for me after a 2 week hiatus. I am definitely a bit weaker. I have probably dropped an average of ten pounds on all my exercises. It is a little frustrating, but I think by the end of this week, also known as tomorrow, I should be back to where I was.

I know people work out for basically the same reason – to get or stay fit. Although that is basically true for everyone, each person has their own reasons for wanting to get fit. Attracting the opposite sex can never be overrated. People also work out to reach physical peaks. I am sure the health benefits are a key reason for people as well.

I guess I would use all of the above as reasons for my own gym excursions. There is one reason thought that may be slightly unique…my brothers. I am the oldest brother of three. Therefore, I must be the toughest. It is a fact that if your little brothers can beat you up that you are over the hill. I am certainly not.
Even though I am definitely the toughest brother, I am aging a bit, as they come into their prime. That is why I have to work out, just to keep my place as top dog. It was like a wolf pack here for awhile, I was looking slower and softer and they noticed. They would take their little shots at me, in the form of shoulder and leg punches. I knew I had to do something quick.

So now I work out…and where are their little shots now?

Nowhere to be seen. I actually challenged one of them to an arm wrestle the other day. It was pretty sad to tell the truth. I actually thought he was messing around when we started. He sadly wasn`t though. I don`t even think I even started breathing hard, I just slammed his arm down to the table like I would have when he was 6.

So yeah, working out has a lot of benefits but complete mastery over your brothers…well worth the price of gym membership.

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