Another timely update.

I almost have a valid excuse this time. I was away for most of the weekend.
I went up North to the family’s cabin to shut it up for the winter. It was an interesting trip. You have a cabin with no walls, no heat and no running water. Then you add my Mom, my brother and about 4 Chihuahuas.

Did I mention it was also below freezing cold outside?

It made for an awesome trip really. It was so great that after one night my brother and I decided the trip was just way too fun. It was so much fun and excitement that we decided to drive the 5 hours home the next morning. We just couldn’t handle the fun.

Alright it was miserable, but leaving the cabin early had its bonuses. We were able to attend a party for my Nanny Payne.

I will turn off the sarcasm now because that was a truly fun event. It was a belated 85th birthday party for her, and basically the whole family showed up. It was special because she lives in Newfoundland and doesn’t make it to the “mainland” very often.

It was good to see all the cousins, Aunts and Uncles. There were also a ton of little kids running around, I have to be honest I didn’t know who they all belonged to. I remember being that little kid running around Payne family functions though…of course I also remember it being a little louder and there being more alcohol involved. The events are slightly tamer these days I guess. The natural progression of everyone getting older.

So the weekend was pretty fun, it started a little rough but it ended nicely.
As I sit here, my brother is sick in the next room. I have developed a little cough myself, but I will not get sick! If I do – he better be prepared to defend himself because I will use all of my waning strength to exact my revenge.

I am hoping that a good workout this afternoon will help stave off the sickness. The new routine has been great so far. Today will be chest and back, that is probably my favourite day. It certainly hurts but that is when the biggest weights come out so it is good for my ego.

The walk to the gym has gotten a little brisk recently. I am not talking about my speed either, it is getting COLD.

I am not a fan of extreme heat so I will not talk bad about the cold, but it is getting ridiculous. My biggest complaint about this weather is the morning. Does anyone want to get out of their warm bed in the morning? It has to add at least three slaps to my snooze button. Just the thought of even lifting those covers and losing the heat built under them is frightening.

Of course once I jump out of the covers, I am not home free, I have to walk the dog. So take the time it took to convince myself to get out of bed and then double it, because I have to convince myself to go outside. That is probably a good 15 minutes or even half an hour of time I spend just psyching myself up to brave the cold.

Maybe work should start an hour later in the cold months.

  • Carley S

    The best way to ward off a cold is to sweat it out! Hit the gym double time! :)

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