Bun B: Trill OG Review

Bun B - Trill OG Review

Huge Bun B fan here!  I have been a fan of Bun B for ages and his early work with UGK is some of the best rapping ever in my opinion.  Now that said, his track record with solo records has been ehhhh at best.

He dropped a nice mixtape this year and the track with Preemo is FIRE, so I have high hopes!  I probably shouldn’t be so excited but I am…here goes nothing!

Like I always say this is my first spin ever through the album so I might miss some things, it might grow on me, or I might hate it more tomorrow – who knows?

1. Chuuch!: Nice intro track, high energy and it matches Buns rapping.  I like this track, this is a good sign. J Prince is saying his son discovered Drake..is that true?

2. Trillonaire feat. T-Pain: LMAO An autotuned hook…really?  Still Bun?  Horrible horrible hook.  The song is OK but I will never listen to this again because of that hook. Oh by the way Bun, white boys don’t say “tubular”..that went out almost as long ago as autotune.

3. Just Like That feat. Jeezy: A bit generic maybe but I actually like this. Good gym track for sure. Bun sounds pretty good on this too and Jeezy comes through nicely.

4. Put It Down: Cool laid back beat, definitely has that Houston feel.  Drake does a good job on the hook and adds a nice verse.  Bun sounds good on this as well.

5. Right Now Feat. Pimp C and 2pac: Nice to hear Pimp C and Pac at least…sound like unreleased verses too. RIP. This beat is catchy for sure, but it is just too happy go lucky. Five songs in and a Trey Songz AND T-Pain hook already…not a good look Bun.

6. That’s a Song: This is a skit so fuck it

7. Countin’ Money” feat. Yo Gotti & Gucci Mane: The guests on this almost mean I’ll hate this for sure.  The generic southern beat doesn’t help.  At least it is harder than the last song.  The beat may be a bit formulaic but it is decent for what it is.  Gucci and Gotti suck though.

8. Speak Easy feat. Twista: Hmm this is a nice bounce back song, interesting beat and Bun is flowing.  I wish he hadn’t had Cedric the Entertainer talking at the start of the track.  Talking in middle of track is ehhh too.  People want music.  This is OK.

9. Lights, Cameras, Actions: There is something about this beat I am not feeling.  I dunno – this just isn’t the type of beat for Bun IMO.  Nothing glaringly wrong with it but it just doesn’t match Bun.

10. I Git Down For Me: These songs are not grabbing me- this is def pretty good but I wonder how much I will listen in the future.  That said I am kind of feeling this track…for now.

11. Snow Money: Beat is completely generic.  Damn it – why are Bun albums always like this!  I love Bun-B but I have to believe Pimp C had a lot to do with beat selection on their group albums.  This isn’t horrible but it just doesn’t excite me.

12. Ridin Slow feat Slim Thug and Play & Skillz: I had hopes for this but only because of the title.  I thought maybe it would remind me of Ridin Dirty…no.  It might if it wasn’t for the hook…a little too soft. Besides that decent song though.

13. Let Em Know: By far the best song on the album yet – not even close in fact.  DJ Premier still has it! Bun sounds more energetic on here than most of the other songs as well.  Great song – vintage Bun and Premier.

14. Listen: Ahh great Cedric the Entertainer talking again…useless skit

15. All A Dream: UGH At the softness on this album.  The beat is OK but not for Bun..and the hook is out of place and wack.  I don’t mind this as a kind of celebratory song though.  Just seems like a generic “I made it song” that a million people have made before.

16. It’s Been a Pleasure: This is OK – if Bun B wanted to sound current and commercial then songs like this and Put It Down were much more savvy inclusions than All A Dream and Ridin Slow. I like this song quite a bit but I don’t know if Bun fans will.

Man this is depressing to me.  I have been the biggest Bun B fan around. Trust me, I have been praising Bun B for years.  I mean check out his verse on Murder – maybe one of the best verses ever?  His solo albums just seem to always be weak.  A lot of generic songs, a couple failed attempts at commercial songs and he just doesn’t seemed as energized as you would like to see.

He had a great mixtape this year already where he was on point with the rhymes.  That and the leak of the Preemo song had me excited about this album, but once again it just doesn’t click with me.  You don’t know how hard that is for me to admit.  I still love Bun, but I dunno if I will get too excited about his next solo.

Let’s remember Bun at his best (2nd verse)…

  • slabrider574

    pimp c would of said this record sound monkey as fuck

  • LOL

  • poppel

    Exactly!Bun is nice on the mic,a great M.C. BUT always too many feauteres and wack beats!!!

  • I know! And it is frustrating..like you think he would learn. I was so pumped when I heard the Primo joint...but that is not what the album is at all.

    This really make me think Pimp C was head of quality control on the old UGK records.

  • Nice summary as always Ted. As you know, I am not up on most new hip hop but I am actually pretty intrigued to hear this album now.

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