By the Power of Greyskull….

Oooookay that was a little spooky.

Mere HOURS after I posted my blog yesterday, saying I think the Raptors should fire Sam Mitchell (Smitch), he was indeed fired.

So if we think about this logically there are really only two explanations:

The owners and management of the Toronto Raptors (MLSE) clearly hold my blog in esteemed regard and are anxiously waiting for me to post my opinion on what direction they should be taking.


My blog is mystical in some sort of way. I am thinking maybe a kind of voodoo like hex ability resides in my blog, or it might just be some predicting the future type of power. Something along those lines anyways.

I really can’t see any other possibilities. I am sure some people will point out that it could be a coincidence, but come on that seems kind of harebrained to me. Very unlikely.

I think I am leaning towards the latter personally. I think my blog obviously contains some sort of mystical power. It just makes sense, I blog about Barack and BOOM first black president. I blog about Smitch being fired and HOURS later he is fired. Clearly the mysterious power of my blog is gaining strength.

I guess I should be really happy about that, but to be honest, that kind of power makes me a little nervous. Like what should I blog about?

Should I blog about personal gain? Should I blog for the good of the people?
What if I blog about ending civil war in Sierra Leone? Mere hours later the war has indeed ended but it is because a warlord attacked killed all civilians and possible defenders. So yeah the war is over but at what cost?

I am really walking a moral tight rope right now. To be blessed with so much power, but not blessed with the insight to use it. I know how Bush felt now.
I am just an ordinary man, with an ordinary blog…that happens to have extraordinary powers. Even though that kind of sounds like a new Fox sitcom, it is now my life.

I think logically the next step for me is to blog about future successes for the Raptors. I see the Raps gelling under a new coach (for the time being it is CANADIAN Jay Triano) and winning a playoff round. I also see the Toronto Maple Leafs getting a top two pick in the draft next year. Reggie Bush will also bounce back in his fourth year and live up to expectations. So it is written, so it shall pass.

I guess this new found power isn’t too bad after all.

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