Can I Really Quit My Job?

quit_your_job2Everyone thinks about quitting their job at one time or another.

I worked for years in social work and I probably thought about quitting every day at one point.  I remember many lunch hours, going to get lunch and thinking about not going back.

That was on the bad days, but still it is a feeling I am sure a lot of people experience.  I think the real problem happens when the bad days out number the good days.

When I decided to flex my entrepreneurial muscles, I left behind an essentially dead end job.  A job that allowed me to live a lifestyle I was used to, but still not a lot of room for advancement and my passion for social work had been burnt out for awhile.

For me to leave my job, and jump into business it was risky but it wasn’t a huge deal,  I don’t have a wife, kids or a mortgage.  I just did it.  I do wish I had a helping hand when I did it – to guide me along the pitfalls, and help me avoid all the mistakes I made.  But I survived anyways.

A friend of mine – who I currently work with – also left his job to start his own business.  There are some differences though – he had a very cushy corporate gig, had a mortgage, a wife and a newborn baby.  Much like me though, his passions didn’t match his job.  The money was nice but he wanted to leave the soulless corporate world and blaze his own path.

With much more to risk than me, he made the jump to his own business.  2 years later, after lots of misfires he now enjoys a successful business.  He still has his house, his wife and his child…in fact he has another one as well.  He survived.

He knows the problems with leaving your job, he knows the problems of starting your own business – and he wants to help people avoid all the mistakes he made at first.  That is why he has created the ultimate guide for people who are ready to leave their jobs.

For people who are just going through the motions each day and are even considering making a change in their work life – this system is great for you. It will help you figure out what you need to do BEFORE you qit your job, and the steps you need to take after you quit your job.

I really wish I had my hands on this when I was struggling with my job – it would have made things a lot easier..and more important – quicker.

You can check out his offer here: Quit Your Job

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  • I would love to quit my day job. I'm gonna check out this book and see if I can get some good ideas.

  • Great book! Thanks for the recommendation.

  • I feel exactly how you did at your social working job. I'm over worked and underpaid and not appreciated whatsoever. I'm definately going to invest in this book. Thanks for the book!

  • Excellent. Something for me. I am just thinking of quiting my job and starting my own business. I will get this guide and do it easier. I hope because now I am reluctant to do so. I need some support or push and I think the "Quit your job" system will help me achieve what I want.

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