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Take a Chance…on Chance The Rapper

I haven’t been posting a lot these days. …And in fact this might be my last post on this current iteration of “”. I still have a passion for rap music (and will vehemently defend it’s current iteration) but the time for this particular site is nearing an end.  I will probably relaunch this as […]

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Best Opening Verse to a Rap Album Ever…


Nas & Amy Winehouse – Me and Mr. Jones

Nasir Jones and Amy Winehouse- two of my personal favs.  Dj Terry Urban, combines some of their best hits together into a banging mash-up.  Have to listen on Mixcloud though, haven’t seen a download link anywhere.  Full hour long mixtape – check it out.


Alpoko Don – Get my Paypa Dog

Not often these days something really new and different comes around in rap.  I think Alpoko Don fits that bill.  He isn’t breaking the mold, he is essentially a southern trap rapper, but he does it unlike anyone before him.  This track features a stripped down beat (paying homage to his Youtube viral vids where […]


Z-ro feat. Chris Ward – 100 [Official Video]

Been playing the hell out of this song lately.  First off, the beat obviously caught my ear – a throw back g-funk west coast beat for sure.  I believe it is a remake of Dre’s “High Powered”.  The first verse isn’t anything special to me.  No offense to Chris Ward, but it was a pretty […]


Joey Bada$$ feat. Cj Fly – Hardknock

First time checking out Joey Bada$$, and pleasantly surprised.  His name made me avoid him, but this video proves I shouldn’t judge a  book by it’s cover, or in this case…name.   This is definitely throwback rap.  Clearly it is meant to evoke a feeling from the 90’s.  From the beat to the way the video […]


Nas – Daughters [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I posted this song already, but Nas followed it up with a great video to match, so wanted to share it as well.


Pusha T feat. The Dream – Exodus

I have always been a fan of The Clipse.  I think Hell Hath No Fury is criminally slept on for example.  Pusha T has always been my fav of the duo, but lately I haven’t been feeling him THAT much.  I hadn’t been following his career at all lately, but then I heard this song.  […]


Kitty Pryde – Okay Cupid [Official Video]

When I saw the still for this video, I was instantly on my guard.  White, ginger teenage girl rapping…my spidey sense was tingling.  Danger.  But, I gave her a chance.  After all I actually liked Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn, so who am I to judge? Pleasantly surprised. The beat was a laid back spacey beat […]


RIP MCA [Adam Yauch From Beastie Boys]

R.I.P   🙁