Cats for Men: Five Manly Cats

Manly CatsCats For Men 1: Ragdoll5. Ragdoll

Alright, based on the name and a first glimpse – this might not seem manly…but it is.  First off discount the adorable looks – if anything that is actually a bonus for us guys.  Imagine a cat loving female coming to your house and seeing the above cat sprawled out.  You are in!  It is like a man cat undercover.  It might look cute, but it is actually very large and muscular.  Male cats can range from 12 to a whopping 20 pounds.  There is a power house hidden by that fur.  These cats are also very docile and placid – guys like that.  I hate picking up a cat and having it attempt to claw the life out of me.  Ragdolls get their name from the tendency of their ancestors to just go limp when picked up.  Very convenient…OK and a bit adorable.  One last fun fact – there was once a myth they were pain resistant…how manly is that?

Cats For Men 2: Pixie Bob

4. Pixie-Bob

And the award for least manly breed name goes to… The name might not be manly, but what could be more kickass then having a house cat that is bred to look like a bobcat!  In fact the original ancestors were rumoured to be a mix of bobcat and house cat.  Bad ass!  Watching this cat play would be like watching a bobcat hunt…sweet.  While not quite as big as the Ragdoll, the males have been know to reach around 18lbs.  To add to the manliness, these cats rarely “meow” they prefer the more guttural and wild “chirps” and “growls”.  They also partake in dog like pursuits like fetch.

Cats For Men 3: Ocicat3. Ocicat

Pretty cool name for a cat.  Sounds like a Bond villain. The first manly feature people will notice about this cat are it’s wild like markings.  The Ocicat is covered in spots that give it a pretty sweet look.  Another “manly” aspect is the fact these might be the most dog like cats.  Ocicats can easily be trained to fetch, walk on a leash and harness, come when called, speak, sit, lie down on command and a large array of other dog-related tricks.  Imagine blowing your friend’s minds with a cat that acts like a dog.  This is not the biggest cat on our list but males can still reach a respectable +14lbs.

Cats For Men: Maine Coon Cat2. Maine Coon Cat

Well first off this cat has a racist term in it’s name.  I don’t support the use of such terms, but you gotta be hard as hell to walk around with a racist slur in your name.  It’s like if you were in jail and saw a member of the Aryan nation with a swastika tattoo.  You certainly wouldn’t support the guy, but you’d also make a note – not to mess with him.  Same goes for the Maine Coon Cat.  What a colorful history too – although the breed has many folktales surrounding it, one of my favorite’s is this:  Some people claim the Maine Coon started out as a cat on the ship of a famous sailor (Capt. Charles Coon).  Every time the sailor would dock, the cats would hop off the boat and mate with the local females.  Hell yeah!   I had to include these cats because they can get quite massive!  Males can weigh anywhere between 15 and 25 pounds.  The Guiness Book of World Records, had one Maine Coon listed at 35 pounds.

Cats For Men 5: Savannah Cat1. Savannah Cat

Why is the Savannah Cat number one? Look at it!  That is awesome!  No other cat looks as wild as the Savannah cat.  This might be because they are directly descended from the wild Serval.  In fact the largest and most expensive Savannah cats (F1) actually have one parent who is full Serval.  Although they look wild, don’t fret – they are one of the friendliest and most social cats available.  Like the Ocicat they can be trained to do many dog tricks, can play fetch and walk on a leash.  Imagine walking a wild looking cat around on a leash…you’d be bad ass!  I guess it is a guy thing, but I like my cats big.  These cats are slim and tall but can still reach 15 pounds. F1 males have been known to reach 20lbs although it is rare.  While they don’t weigh as much as some breeds they are the tallest.  The tallest cat on record was a female Savannah that was over 17 inches from the floor to the top of her shoulder.  Men love sports and athletes right?  How is this for athletic, some Savannah’s have been know to jump a distance of eight feet from a standing position!  To further cement them as feline dogs, they love playing in water.  Since this is my number one most manliest cats I will also share a youtube video…check it out and fall in love. I like this video because it showcases the size of the cat (compared to child), the jumping ability and how it interacts with people.

  • tom

    First off, is this guy Ted gay? Has he been hanging around women all his life? I mean dude those so called man cats look like something you would see in your girlfriends place. I don't want a bloody fluffy feminist cat. I want a cat with intelligence and a dog like personality. I only say this because where I live I cant own a dog so thought about a cat but they seem like piss me off annoying manipulative females in my life. Looking for something that looks bad ass but has a dog like personality and can feed it live creatures. Also just as a side note, why do fake men use the word cute to describe cats? Why not use the word bad ass, or visually attractive, or symmetrically pleasing to the eye? When I hear a guy say cute unless he is married with female offspring I think he's gay. Grow some nuts eat a snickers bar!

  • tom


  • Sharkrfish

    The Siberian is another great one.

  • Lee L.

    Did a woman write this article?  As a man, I can probably tell you only 3 of those cats are probably a cat that an average man would own, if he would own a cat.  

    Men don't own cats because we think they're cute (Like the ragdoll), the average man own cats because they're vicious hunters and efficient pest control.   Look at how a little boy plays with his cats and you'll see why the ragdoll isn't so masculine.  Case in point, me. 

     I've always had cats since I was a kid.  I didn't play nicey nicey with them.  I rubbed their stomachs to simulate kitten-play fighting.   I played pouncing games with them.  I even let a mouse loose to see how quickly they could catch one.   Me and my guy friends even pitted our cats against each other in fights (We were young and we didn't realize how cruel that was to cats).      I didn't brush them so they would look pretty.    That's what my girly neighbors did with their cats.   Our cats weren't pretty cats.  

    I continued that trend into adulthood when I adopted another cat.   My new cat is 17 lbs of pure muscle and I sometimes him for martial arts training by playing pouncing games with him.  Before you animal rights nazis freak out, I don't hit my cat.  What I do is I pretend my hand is a bird and he tries to catch my hand and I see how quickly I can pull my hand away before he catches me and bites me.   That way, I develop muscle memory for quick moves in case I'm attacked on the streets and I have to block quick attacks.   BTW, this cat scared off a racoon. 


    The Pixie-bob is one of those manly cats, based on the fact that they're large, strong  and they can probably take down a rabbit or even a baby coyote.   

    A Maine Coon is also the same, but a lot of people raise them to be family cats and not yard cats.   You have to turn them into good hunters if you want to turn them masculine.

    Savannahs are good cats to keep around since they're strong enough to take down a racoon. 

  • Karla

     I got my Maine Coon by pure luck as a 6 week old kitten at our local animal shelter.  There was a whole litter and I just picked what I thought was the prettiest and friendliest one.  I've now had her 6 years and she is the best cat EVER!  I didn't know she was a MC until I watched a show called CATS101 and it was obvious.  I haven't taken her to get weighed in about 4 yrs but she was 16 lbs then and I'm guessing she is at least 20 lbs now.  She acts more like a dog than a cat. 

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