Caution: Sports Rant

Well considering all I have been doing since Friday is watching two dogs and cleaning litter boxes (which is gross and another reason why cats stink) I don’t have much to write about blog wise.
I think it is time for a sports rant.

The number one thing that is making me angry about sports is the beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. This is bad. This season is bad and it will only get worse. The Leafs are not only bad, but they also are devoid of really exciting up and coming talent.

If Sundin and Kaberle had waived their no trade clauses last year, this team would be in a much better position. They would have a surplus of draft picks as well as some young talent. Most notably Jeff Carter (would have been a Leaf if Kaberle had waived his no trade clause), who is currently a top three goal scorer in the league.

Another mistake was the hiring of Ron Wilson. He is a good coach, but not right for this team. He is constantly on TV and radio talking about how this team has no talent and they simply cannot win because of it. If I am a young guy on that team I am angry and quite possibly have lost all motivation. This is the stage you want to build people up, not rip them apart.

Hopefully, Brian Burke can do something with this team, but I am pretty sure there are no quick fixes. I guess now Toronto will have to be like Ottawa and Calgary – utter crap for years so they can stockpile high draft picks and young talent. Usually this is where I would go into a rant about how all the lame duck franchises in the NHL are indirectly responsible for Toronto’s crash because THEY couldn’t turn a buck and cried for a salary cap. I am classier than that though.

The worst part of all of this is that with the Leafs sucking, my interest in hockey hasn’t been what it used to be. This is a problem because currently the NHL is as good as ever. Scoring is up, there are a lot of parity and a ton of exciting young talent. It would be nice if any of that were true for the Leafs.

But hey at least I got the Raptors right? WRONG. A horrible season for the Raps has led to not only probably missing the playoffs, but also reports of Bosh deciding not to sign with Toronto when he is a free agent in 2010. UGH.

It is amazing that the Raptor’s manage to have their worst seasons when there is a weak draft. The only time they had the number one pick, it was a notoriously weak draft. Now that they are once again destined to have a lottery pick in the draft, it looks like another weak draft class. Horrible timing. Last year, which was a great draft class, the raps made the playoffs and had a later 1st round pick (which they traded anyways).

At the very least it looks like Bargnani is becoming the player they thought he would be. He will have to be the next Nowtiski if we lose Bosh in 2010.

And then there are the Jays…LOL just kidding. I am not a big fan of the current Jays, I especially hate JP Riccardi – most overrated GM in sports. The Jays have already came out months ago talking about they don’t have a chance to be competitive this year, so in my opinion, I have no desire to watch them or support them. They need a success coach or something.

If they aren’t going to try, why should I? I predict some record low attendance this year…and the Jays deserve it.

  • Ted Payne


    I am officially boycotting the Jays. I hate them and they stink.

  • Anonymous

    up for a Jays game?

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