Change…My Two Cents

Today hurt.

Physically hurt. I think it was the hot temperature in the gym plus a heavier workout. I am working out with a friend of mine right now. He managed to lose a lot of weight, so it is a great motivator. I would definitely suggest anyone interested in working out, find a partner. There is the added motivation, plus a bit of a competitive edge to the workouts now. There is nothing wrong with competition, as long as you can take losing and win graciously. He has got me on just about every exercise. I don’t mind though. I destroy him on alternate hamstring curls and seated hamstring curls. I have the hamstrings of a Greek God.

The one thing about pain after the gym is that it is rewarding in a way. Like you know you accomplished something. Now I mean the pain I feel today, not the pain I felt after my first two days working out. That was ridiculous and not rewarding at all. It kind of helped with my nutrition though because I couldn’t lift a beer to my mouth. After 2 days though the pain was easily managed, and now even when I really push it and up my weights, I get a numb kind of pain that I can handle. Nothing like that first time. I bet a lot of people who are starting to work out quit right there. I don’t think you can find statistics on something like that, but I bet the number is relatively high.

I worked in a homeless shelter for a decade; I noticed things about people changing habits. Most people aren’t willing to change until the pain (embarrassment, tribulation, whatever…) of NOT changing is worse than the change itself. I hope that makes sense. I think people need to get over that. Waiting that long to make a lifestyle change, or kick a habit, might be really pushing it. I know with drug addicts it would be a heck of a lot easier to change sooner than later.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not making a judgement on anyone. I have heard stories that would blow your mind. Real horror stories. I guess there comes a time though when you have to just put that on the back burner. As crazy as things have been in your life, the only person who can really make sure you succeed or come out OK is…you. I haven’t had a really horrible life; I have my share of problems though. I could easily curl up and block out the rest of the world. I could even give, what I find valid, reasons for doing it. Who would I be cheating though? How does that help me? Is it easy to do? Yeah probably is. So I could avoid the hard work, the struggle, the embarrassment and the failure. Sounds easy and all I have to give up for that is my pride, my dreams and my self-worth. Does that seem like a fair trade? No, I don’t think so either.

So I guess what I am saying is, that for people who are waiting to change, waiting until it is easier than not changing. Don’t spend your whole life waiting. In the long run, changing bad habits is ALWAYS easier than the pain of not changing them.

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