Clipse – Till The Casket Drops Review

Clipse – Til The Casket Drops Review

They are back! Can the Clipse deliver another personal classic?

Let’s find out…

1. Freedom (produced by Sean C & LV) – What a start. Haunting electric guitar licks are matched with some great drums and what sounds like some violin strings. Also a nicely used vocal sample. Clipse come out firing on this song. Pusha T and Malice keep it personal on this. Seem like they are at once apologizing for their mistakes and at the same time telling their doubters and haters to f-off.

2. Popular Demand feat. Camron (produced By The Neptunes) – This beat is insane and one of my favorites of the year. I have already heard Joell Ortiz and Lupe kill freestyles over it but I had not heard the original. The Clipse hold their own on this – they sound great over this beat and Pharrell has a solid if unimpressive hook. Of special note is Pusha T rapping about LeBron James sleeping with his ex girl. The song also includes a Camron sighting!  I have always thought of Camron as a guilty pleasure, if you hate him he won’t change that opinion with this verse. I personally like it,Cam has some funny lines and cool flow here.

3. Kinda Like a Dig Deal deat. Kanye (produced by DJ Khalil) – Another great song, Khalil laces this beat! Great electric guitar licks, with some sort of screaming vocal sample. I think it is a vocal sample anyways. Typical Clipse swagger on this, rapping about themselves and daring anyone to doubt them. Kanye has the verse of the song though – good to hear him straight spitting fire, instead of singing off key.

4. Showing Out (produced by The Neptunes) – This beat is the most like their last album, It is on some weird kind of minimalistic Neptunes beat. Kind of futuristic but almost low-fi in a way. Not as good as the beats on the last album though. It is a cool track though, didn’t need the Yo Gotti appearance though.

5. Im Good feat. Pharell (produced by Neptunes) – I can already tell that Neptunes are not going to keep the dark minimalistic feel of Clipse’s last album. This beat is in the vein of a Jay-Z – Allure.  It is a feel good beat for a feel good track. Clipse are in celebratory mode here.

6. There Was A Murder (Produced by DJ Khalil) – **Throws up a huge flaming lighter while banging on the basement duct work** Alright I am a sucker for reggae influenced hip-hop so I love this track. It opens up with a reggae influenced singer over a beat with dub style guitar work. Clipse match the reggae feel with some patois sprinkled verses about what Clipse rap about best…dealing drugs and kicking ass.


7. Door Man (produced by Neptunes) – I mentioned this video in a blog post a week ago. For a couple guys who might get indicted for drug charges this is a completely unapologetic thumbing of the nose to the authorities and naysayers. This song celebrates the monetary power of cocaine. It isn’t heart warming, it isn’t positive and it isn’t educational…it is pure Clipse. Great beat by the Neptunes by the way. Man this song would have had teachers sending warning notes home to parents if it was out in my high school days.

8. Never Will It Stop (produced by Sean C and LV) – A pretty dark beat, especially on this album. It has a Neptune-esque quality to it actually. Typical Clipse subject matter…could have done without the Ab Liva verse – that dude sucks.

9. Eyes on Me feat. Keri Hilson (produced by The Neptunes) – This is definitely a complete 180 from there last album. This track is more upbeat and commercial friendly than most of their work. It works for me, catchy and upbeat. I am not blown away by Keri Hilson on it but the beat is very catchy. This is the kind of track that will make your girlfriend like Clipse.

10. Counselling (produced by The Neptunes) – This is another upbeat track. Good stuff though, it sounds very current. Sounds like the Clipse are rapping about their romantic escapades and how it is messing with their minds. This won’t be my fav track but it isn’t bad.

11. Champion (produced by the Neptunes) – This is probably my least favorite track. Again the Neptunes take a shot at that overproduced lush sound but it is too much being preceded by the other similar sounding tracks. It is just too sappy a run of songs IMO. One sprinkled here and there is one thing, but a 3 song run of these beats do not fit the Clipse. They actually sound pretty positive on their subject matter though.

12. Footsteps (produced by DJ Khalil) – Khalil is killing this album – some great beats. This might be the best now that I think about it – sounds great…with solid drums and almost a classic boom bap feel to it. Then the chorus drops and it is some aut-otune sounding male singing. Pass. The hook is the only thing holding this song back from being one of the best of the year. I also love when Clipse raps like this – on some im a killa but I am vulnerable and just want to leave this life behind.

13. Life Change (Produced by Neptunes) – I was listening to this thinking I hate this song at the start. Again The Neptunes moving too far away form the sound that made the Clipse who they are IMO. But a funny thing happend, I kept listening and the song grew on me. I shouldn’t love this beat, but it is so catchy when you listen to it for awhile. Plus for some reason I dunno if it is a voice thing or what, Clipse sound good over this kind of stuff. Plus this is some good life affirming rap – good way to end the album on a positive note.

All in all another solid release from Clipse and the reaffirm their place as one of my favorite groups ever. I would rank this behind HHNF and Lord Willin, but that is more based on the ridiculous strength and personal preference I have for those albums rather than anything really lacking with this release.

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