Cobra Whiskey…Yes COBRA Whiskey

Cobra Whiskey is not a cool edgy brand name, it is a description of the bottle of hooch my friend brought back from Thailand (via Laos).

Here is an image for your viewing pleasure:

If you are wondering – yeah that is real!

This brings up a couple questions to me.

1. Was that Cobra dropped in the bottle when smaller and then grown in the bottle to get to that size?  Is that extra cruel? Is there Cobra defecation inside there as well?

2. Can venom seep into the alcohol?

3. Was this brewed in some Laotian’s bathtub?  The color doesn’t look exactly…pure.

4. How drunk will I have to get my friends before one agrees to eat the Cobra?  Will they die?

IMO I find this disgusting and would never ever drink it (I say that sober though).  I dunno – the Cobra is bad enough, but the bottle and color of the whiskey is what really puts me off.  I may be wrong but I don’t know if whoever made this has the same stringent cleanliness requirements as say Jack Daniels.

What do you guys think? Would you drink it?

  • Do they really drink this over there in Laos? Unbelievable. The cobra is really scaring me.

  • My guess is this is something they sell the tourists and then laugh at them behind their backs.

  • Ugh. That is just wrong dude

  • I agree! Disgusting...but if drinking that ensured a Leafs and Raps championship next year..would ya?

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