Cold and Flu

Remember about a week ago I mentioned a cold…well that ended up morphing into a pretty crazy flu. I was real sick this week. The kind of flu where you can only lie under the covers with cold chills, and you are too weak to go get a warmer blanket.

I actually still have a pretty bad cough. It is starting to clear up though, so I hope I can get back to the gym tomorrow, or Wednesday at the latest.

So if you are in Canada or the USA it is getting close to election time.

It is weird timing for the Canadian election, because the USA election seems to kind of dwarf ours. I think I have heard more people around here talking about the American race. I haven’t heard too much about the Canadian race at all, outside of CBC.

I have a feeling it is going to be a pretty lame voter turnout for the Canadian election. I wonder if it is because of our prospective leaders.

I know a person should be voting on a political party’s platform and beliefs. Maybe even just pay attention to your local candidates and vote based on what they offer. My question is; does it seem like all the Prime Minister candidates lack something?
I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, it is something though. I know I should vote based off personality, but there is no leader in this election that seems like a leader. They are all missing something in my opinion.

I think a leader should kind of be bigger than life. I don’t want to use the term “swagger” because it is so overused in pop culture right now, but it is that kind of thing that I think is lacking. None of these candidates make me believe in them. There is nothing in their personality that makes me think “leader”.
When it comes down to it, I will vote based on where the parties stand on the issues important to me. I will however not be 100% confident in the person I vote for. There is not one dynamic or interesting leadership candidate.

I wonder if it is a Canadian thing. Down in the USA, they have a prisoner of war running against the first black presidential nominee. Maybe the huge personalities of these two just make the Canadian leaders pale in comparison.

Maybe it isn’t a big deal and I am making way too much out of it. That is a certain possibility. I just think we are going to be looking at another minority government. I think we will be looking at a minority government until one of the political parties (and most likely it will have to be Liberal or Conservative) choose an intelligent, engaging leader who has some sort of personality.

I do hope everyone in Canada votes ad votes intelligently, but I can not blame anyone who feels kind of dissatisfied with our current choices.

  • Carley S

    Aw, I hope you weren't too sick to enjoy some good Thanksgiving eats this weekend.

    I agree, our potential prime minister candidates all have something lacking....could be charisma, could be not being able to speak english! Who knows.

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