Common S.E.O Myths

I had to share these videos.

This is a couple friends of mine discussing S.E.O. (search engine optimization) and some common myths.

The interviewer is Justin Popovic and he is interviewing Brad Gosse.

So why is he interviewing Brad Gosse?  He is doing it because Brad is a pioneer in the internet marketing field.  Who wouldn’t want to learn from this guy?  He has proverbially “been there and done that”.  He has made 7 figures from the internet.  He has been at the top of Google for the most competitive terms.

He even directed 3 MILLION website visitors to one of his a month.

If you have ever tried to generate traffic to a website you know how insane that is.  Imagine logging into Google Analytics and seeing a 100k day.  I would literally shit.  So check out these videos and learn a little something.  If you like what you saw then sign up for their FREE traffic generating seminar, no strings attached.

Learn Brad’s secrets to driving huge traffic:

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