It has been so long since my last update, that the file I save all these blog posts under doesn’t even show up in Word’s recent documents. Ouch.

What do you think about competitiveness?

I guess it is hard to get along with someone who is super competitive – like I can imagine that act getting old pretty quickly. However, I think it is less enjoyable for a person to be completely uncompetitive. It takes out all the joy of defeating them. These people might not even try to win – that is how uncompetitive they are. BORING.

You know those people that are just happy to be playing the game. They just find it swell. real neat and nifty to them.. I say settle down, Leave it To Beaver. This is a new age, and I call it BORING. You want to know that someone you are competing against at least cares if they win or not.

I know it can get overboard, we all know the kid who twisted his PS2 controller until it broke if you beat him in Street Fighter, that was a little much. Same with the kid who couldn’t defend a simple barrage of fireballs (hadokens for the knowledgeable) and kept yelling “THATS CHEAP, THATS CHEAP, STOP THROWING FIREBALLS! THAT’S SO CHEAP!”

But even both of those extreme cases aren’t as bad as beating some guy just to see him smiling and say “I’m glad you won, man”. Sorry, that scenario is weird and sort of awkward.

If you are uncompetitive and let people win you rob the other person of true joy when they finally defeat you.

My sister used to always ask me why I didn’t let my nephew beat me video games. Sorry sis, not this guy and not this day. I never let my nephew win and he was never happier then when he finally beat me. Now, he won’t let me win. The circle of life.

  • Anonymous

    Because Ted has taken so long to write a blog you should read Creed Thoughts.

  • Carley

    T-Payne whats with the hiatus?!

  • Carley

    I will compete against you anytime Ted in ANYTHING! Bring it on!!!

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