Curren$y – Pilot Talk Review

Curren$y Pilot Talk Review

Pilot Talk is the latest project from Curren$y.  There was a time I would not check for this guy at all – wasn’t feeling him.  The past 2 years though he has dropped some great music.  You can always count on him to drop a great mixtape, or a good single.

This is going to be my first look at the new album, my very first skim through it so don’t expect a full review. These are just my first impressions.  Some songs will grow on me, some won’t stand up to repeated listens. So don’t cry too hard if I don’t like your favorite songs.

1. Example
– Love the beat as it starts, some cool guitar licks but the beat is real laid back.  Curren$y has a laid back flow that I like – dude is kind of like the new Devin the Dude…with better beats these days.

2. Audio Dope II
– This beat starts off a bit weird, but falls into something pretty cool.  I think there are some distorted steel drums.  I hope people can get over his laid back flow because he is really improving as a rapper.  This beat reminds me of some boomb bap actually…not fully but it def has some elements of that 90’s NY sound.

3. King Kong
– A more current beat for sure – that spaced out stuff “the kids love”.  This just in – Curren$y likes weed.  If you like the new generation of production (and I do) you should be feeling this.  The hook plays off the famous Denzel King Kong line.

4. Seat Change feat. Snoop
– I can tell this might be a track I skip a bit.  It is OK but the beat seems a bit too laid back.  I like it as of now though and it is growing on me as I listen to the song.  I am a sucker for Snoop tho so I am cool with his verse.

5. Breakfast – Guess what Curren$y likes for breakfast…weed!  Another beat I am not feeling that much – I like it but it doesn’t stand out.  A bit cheesy to be honest – Curren$y is doing his thing though.  Love the start of his verse.  As I listen it begins to grow on me but more due to Curren$y than the beat.

6. Roasted
– I love this beat so far though.  Is MonstaBeatz a Ski Beats protege, or another name for him?  I just ask because Ski produces most of this, but Monstabeatz handles this track.  I like the laid back beat with the horns and synths here better than the ones with the guitar samples.  Personal preference.

7. Skybourne feat. Smoke DZA & Big KRIT
– I gotta give credit to Ski Beatz he is definitely making this a cohesive album.  Real laid back beats that really work for Curren$y.  Smoke DZA kind of bores me…but Big KRIT does his thing.

8. The Hangover
– More laid back beats which really makes sense considering the subject matter.  Sometimes the album kind of slips into lounge music territory to me.  I think maybe breaking up the album with more tracks like Audio Dope II would have been a good move.  I like these beats, but I dunno if they will have much replay value…hope I am wrong.

9. The Day feat. Mos Def and Jay Elec – Really shows you the respect Curren$y has now to get a couple dudes like this on his track.  This beat really wakes me up too – just what I was thinking of in the comments of my last song.  Jay Elec kills this of course…when doesn’t he?

10. Prioritize
– Not a bad beat, I didn’t like it at first but both MCs flow really well on it – by the end of the song I was feeling the beat.  I think a song like this will stand up to repeated spins.  We’ll see.

11. Chilled Coughee feat. Devin The Dude
– I am a huge Devin The Dude fan and am appalled at his recent albums.  They have really lacked any good production. It is too bad because his first 3 albums are personal classics to me.  I bring that up because for some damn reason he is on the worst produced song on the album.  Gah, I don’t know what is going on.  Not feeling this beat.

12. Address – I am feeling this.  This is the beat he should have got Devin on.  Much more current sounding.  Laid back again but that is Curren$ys style.  Dude has really improved as an MC.  This is one of my fav tracks.

13. Life Under The Scope – I dunno – good beat I guess.  Curren$y sounds great on it, the beat definitely grows on me as the song goes.  If you like this laid back style, you should love this album.

I am on a pretty good streak of LOVING the recent albums I review. That streak ends now.  I definitely like this album and can respect Curren$y’s continued growth as a rapper.  There has just been so much great music lately that this doesn’t really stand out to me.  In fact there has been a similar album released this year that is a significantly better version of this:  Wiz’s Kush and Orange Juice.

I will still be checking for Curren$y and I am sure I will give this some more spins.  Maybe it will grow on me.  It is certainly solid, just happened to drop at a time when some truly great music has been in my rotation.  I think an album like this works great when you are sitting back and relaxing. Maybe listening to it at 8 in the morning effected my enjoyment.


    "there has been a similar album released this year that is a significantly better version of this: Wiz’s Kush and Orange Juice."
    fuck outta here with this shit. kush and orange juice was wack. your just a faggot wiz bandwagon dick rider. wiz is the man, but you gotta not be biased in a review you silly fuck.

  • Kush and Orange Juice kills this. I probably listen to Curren$y more than Wiz in fact...but this album, while OK kind of fades into the background. Wiz's joint stood out more to me. Quite a bit better IMO.

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