Currensy – Weekend At Burnie’s (REVIEW)


I remember at one time I couldn’t really stand Curren$y – I think I even edited him off a couple of tracks. This was back in the Cash Money days though.

Now – he seems to consistently drop dope music.

His work with Alchemist (Covert Coup) is in the running for album of the year IMO. His Pilot Talk releases from last year are also solid from top to bottom.

Weekend at Burnie’s has recently leaked and from a couple spins it sounds like Spitta is staying consistent.

I think you know what you are getting when you listen to a Curren$y album by now. Some smoked out lyrics, beats and some would say a smoked out voice. Spitta isn’t the most energetic sounding rapper, but I think he gets way too much flack for his flow. He rides the beats nicely on this album. He isn’t Nas or Lupe with the lyrics but dude creates some great music.

If you like the Curren$y sound you will like this album. Good laid back production and Spitta does his thing. I think Curren$y has an even better album in him somewhere, but this is solid enough to keep me thinking that.


This is The Life – An almost upbeat song but you know it is still smooth. This is Curren$y after all. This beat is great and the track is really feel good. Nice hook and a great way to start your morning.

Get Paid (Bonus Track) – Really feeling this beat, don’t have a production list yet but this has a smooth feel. I am not a huge Roddy or trademark fan so I kind of wish this was a Spitta solo.

She Don’t Want a Man – Some spacey production on this – reminds me almost of a G-Side track. Might be my favorite beat on the album. I think you can imagine the subject matter from the title – some good story telling by Spitta on this.


I don’t think there is a real lowlight on this. It is another solid Spitta release – I am sure there will be a couple tracks I tire of quickly but there is no song that is glaringly horrible to me.

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