D-Man – Back To The Future: Return To The Past

Got an email from Danny “D-Man” Goncalves: an up and coming rapper out of Massachusetts(damn I can NOT spell that word).

Anyways he sent me a link to his mixtape and asked me to check it out. I am kind of a sucker for under the radar artists – love to get the inside scoop. I have broken a lot of artists to my friends (no one ever remembers when I do) so I thought I would check it out. I was cynical going into it – just assuming it wouldn’t be great.  I once bought a CD off some random dude going door to door – it was horrible…so every time I get some unsolicited music I think the worst. However, I went into this album with an open mind.  First I read his bio – and he has an interesting story…

“My pops was murdered when I was 14, thoughout my childhood I was poor and livin in the ghetto on almost every government program, my mom dukes had cancer, we got kicked out of our home, all my boys were gettin’ killed or locked up…it was a crazy enviroment, but instead of succumbin’ to it, I picked up my pen & pad and started WRITING about it…”

“I started rappin’ when I was 10. I was always that lil’ shorty rappin’ for his boys, or rappin’ for the older people, hell I was battlin’ people twice my age and givin’ them the business!”

“I started producing when I was 13 and man I was TERRIBLE!!! So bad, but I never stopped practicing and each day I got a lil’ better to the point where I am today.”

Dude has definitely been able to survive and thrive some humble beginnings.  After I read that I sat down and gave the album my full attention


  • This dude produces his own shit! I love that.
  • More importantly – his beats are hot! Dude can really produce! The high majority of beats on here are good-great. Beats have a boom-bap feel to them – and you gotta love the boomb bap.
  • He can definitely spit too – I like him the best when he is introspective which he is quite a bit.
  • He somewhat reminds me of Young Chris – which from my standpoint is a great thing.
  • Great flow – sounds comfortable rapping quick or slow – rides the beat nicely

I think dude has skills – and he seems like a guy who has accomplished a lot through a lot of hard times.  That makes me believe he is only gonna get better – because he is dedicated and persistent. Dedication and persistence are how people make their dreams a reality.

My Fav Songs from the Album…

  • Introduce Myself
  • A Song for Diana
  • 88 MPH
  • In The Zone
  • Ride Around Grinding (Not his beat, a RIDICULOUS great Neptunes beat off Clipse’s criminally underrated sophomore album)
  • Reflection is The Water

I will def keep an ear out for this guy and let you all know if he continues to drop that fire.

Download Here

His Dr Jays Feature

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