The New Digg (ALPHA)

Anyone out there using the new Digg yet?

I got my invite today and it is looking very interesting.  First off it adds twitter like following capability.  You can easily follow you friends and/or the big names in the industry.  I follow Wired magazine and Mashable for instance.  The new thing about this is how your main page displays at Digg.  When you go to the new Digg, now you are taken to “My News”.  This page lists everything that your friends are Digging and submitting.  This is great for people who like to work together on Digg.  It will be super simple to make sure you Digg you friends articles because every time you log in, you will see them first thing.  You can also click on Top news to see a more traditional layout.

Another sweet feature is their is now auto submission for RSS feeds!  What a time saver, now when I make a post – it will be submitted to Digg automatically!  Not  huge deal for some people, but if you are cranking out content on a daily basis it saves you a couple minutes.  Minutes add up!  Ask my cell phone provider.

Anyways, if you get the invite, take Digg up on the offer.  The new Digg has some great advantages that might keep the Digg brand viable for the near future at least.


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