Dog Sitting

Horrible hiatus!

I realized that this is a short month as well, so I shouldn’t be taking days or WEEKS off.

I guess I could use the excuse that I am in Toronto dog sitting, but that is pretty weak since I have access to the computer. It is hard sticking to a routine when you have a new environment. Even my working out has been lame this week. The gym I have access to here – well it sucks. It is one of those apartment building gyms. Not really conducive to a weight training program. It is more like a couple cardio machines set up, a smith press, and a rack of dumbbells.

That isn’t a horrible set up, especially because they also have a cable machine, so that makes up for some of the machines they are missing. It is pretty lame that their dumbbells only go up to 50lbs though. At my gym, the top rack of dumbbells goes to 50lbs and I was quite happy to get off that rack and on to the heavier weights. It was like a milestone. Now I am back onto the n00b weights.

Dog sitting is also more work than I thought. I should have known but I guess I forgot. At home I deal with a Chihuahua; here I have a big dog. They are way more work. I have many times on this blog stated how much I love dogs, but they are a lot of work.

They are also kid of depressing. Looking at the grey old face of a dog and hearing her groans and moans when she walks up the stairs, while you remember her being a bright eyed hell raiser is tough sometimes.

But boo hoo, I know that is life. I know when someone’s dog dies they always say “I’m never getting another dog, it’s too tough.” I have said it as well, and it is never true. I guess the sadness of losing a dog pales in comparison to the joy it brings for the years it is alive.

I have also heard that people say the same thing about cats…yeah right.

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