Dogs Versus Cats

We all know that there has been a long war between cats and dogs.  Dogs have been terrorizing cats since they were domesticated and cats have been making huge messes in the house and blaming it on dogs since Lady and The Tramp.

Even more violent are the arguments between cat owners and dog owners over which is the better pet.  I don’t want to fuel the fires of hate here, so I won’t give my two cents on this issue. The fact that some people think cats are better pets than dogs is so laughable I don’t need to comment anyways.

I do want to weigh in one one argument though. Cat lovers adore trying to prove that their cats are more intelligent than dogs.  I don’t want to delve into this debate too deep.  I mean on one hand you have dogs who are used to escort the blind, search for people, help farm, can smell cancer and work together with other humans and dogs in a somewhat advanced social hierarchy.  On the other hand you have cats who jump around and bat at imaginary fairies.

I don’t want to discuss the intelligence debate full on, I just want to touch on something a cat lover recently said to me:

“My cat is way smarter than your dog, it is trained to go to the bathroom in a litter box.”

Well, La Di Da.

You mean your advanced cat is so intelligent that in can go to the bathroom in a corner of the house…whoooooaaaaa.

All along my dog has been going to the bathroom outside of the house – you know where animals usually go to the bathroom.  What an idiot my dog must be – the fool doesn’t go to the bathroom in my house.

Sorry for the sarcasm but I bring this up for a reason.  I am house sitting for my sister – which includes watching her cats and cleaning their litter box.  Here is what I have learned from that experience – cat litter costs more money than I though AND cleaning them is DISGUSTING.

Give me a pooper scooper any day!  Litter boxes are disgusting.  I am using clumping cat litter so everyday I get the honor of sifting out the refuse.  I guess it is a lot like panning for gold, except that I am left with clumps of shit and not gold.

I know the cat litter disguises the smell of the mess – but it replaces it with an equally disgusting smell in my opinion.  

Litter boxes are disgusting and it is horrible that some cat lovers point to them as a positive in the eternal cat vs dog debate.  Is there even a debate, when one of your main talking points involves litter covered clumps of crap?

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  • Joemama

    i like digging for shit

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